Has anyone replaced an Astrolux s42 driver?

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Has anyone replaced an Astrolux s42 driver?

I’m thinking about trying to replace my s42 driver with one from mountain I think it’s 20mm with emisar d4 UI. Will that work?

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Could you keep the charging feature with that driver?
Lexel has had a driver for the S42, but there was also a thread somewhere here on BLF where Astrolux was working with our users to develop a new driver. Not sure where that went….

I have the same light, it is a good flashlight, just comes with a bad U/I.

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yes lexcel has a driver

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Did a replacement of my S42 Driver with one from Lexel. it’s a great driver and came with the Narsil ramping FW (same/similar to D4). With some tweaks explained in Lexel’s Thread and in some of the “what did you mod today” posts I was able to continue using the original USB charging board, The S42 is now what it should have been all along!

FWIW, Lexel indicates that his S42 boards are 20.5mm, I didn’t measure mine.

The MtnElectronics driver should work but I don’t know whether illuminated side button and USB charging can be made available, best to contact MtnElec directly, they have great comms.

Move towards the light.