Any1 familiar with this Maglight copper HS? (asflashlights)

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Any1 familiar with this Maglight copper HS? (asflashlights)

After reading an old post from CPF where jrob did a xhp70 maglight build; I found this copper HS (link below) that says it fits maglights.
Has anyone ever used one of these? It looks pretty strait forward to build with a 16mm xhp70 if the HS fits decently. Maybe my searching skills are lacking, but I didnt see much talk about this particular HS,
Would probably use the same 17mm “QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod” driver too with a few extra chips, and some 32650 batteries.

Would appreciate any comments before I consider buying it. Thanks,

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I bought the aluminum one and it worked great. Very good quality stuff from ASF. LOL