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Olight M4R

Just saw this, Olight presented the new M4R at IWA.
Seems to be fairly throwy, but I can’t confirm if it’s an XHP35 HI (I don’t understand German language)
They use a type-C port to recharge it, like on the X7R which is really good news !

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Yeah he said in the video there is a XHP35 (presumably HI) inside.

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nice havent seen this yet.. i guess this is the new version of their older M series? looks to be a good thrower if xhp35 and that clear reflector.

I think he said 1000m throw? takes 2×18650 it seems..

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Adaptor for 18650? May be, it can use bigger battery or is it for charging.

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desmondkun wrote:
Adaptor for 18650? May be, it can use bigger battery or is it for charging.

It could maybe use some 21700… 9000mAh !

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Looking at the electric connexions of the carrier you will not be able to replace it with cells without the carrier, so larger cells (20700/21700) will not do.

Moreover, is this formfactor a *throw*back (see what I did there? Smile to the Old Skool throwers with a medium size reflector and two cells in series?
Glad I still have my Thrunite Catapult V5 and Acebeam T20 (both with XP-L HI).

A USB port I don’t need, I rather take the cells out and charge them in my Liitokala LI500 and the batt low indication………I have lights that step down and/or start blinking when the cells are low. Works just fine for me.

It looks very pretty tho, with the blue accents, just like my Olight X7.