Eiger 9x AA Homebase

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Eiger 9x AA Homebase

Has anyone bought this flashlight? It’s on offer at £7 in my local Homebase. It’s a bit of a beast, chunky with a lot of weight to it. It has 4 LEDs and the box says 1800 lumens. Five modes sadly. The batteries are Duracell so it seems cheap for what you get.

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I suspect you’ll be disappointed. I’ve bought similar lights in the past, and you only get full output on brand-new alkalines for a brief time. Running them on NiMH cells gives better long-term output, but significantly lower than the specs claim. Plus, the tint is likely awful, and the beam not much good for throw.

Anything that cheap in a brick&mortar retail store is likely junk. Probably junk if it’s that cheap on-line, too.