UV flashlight roundup 2018

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UV flashlight roundup 2018

Hey everyone. When I came here I was in search of a UV flashlight, and then later how to make one. The best place to start is here , a massive dissertation by CRX that contains everything you would want to know about flashlights, LEDs and other stuff. I thought the guy spent all his time making those cool self-built lights but clearly not. About half way through this there is a section on UV lights and things. There are some good links there but the last UV roundup there was in 2011 and CRX’s original post is from 2013, although it has been updated recently. So I went on a search and came up with the following table. I thought anyone looking for a stock UV light might find it useful too. I think it is pretty complete but let me know about errors and omissions and I will try to update it. I used Bort’s method of pasting in an image so the links aren’t useful, but I will provide the info to anyone who needs more. Just search on the name of the light and you should find it. This table only includes 365nm UV lights. Unless you want something for a specific purpose, say curing nail polish, anything with longer wavelengths isn’t worth it. And there are tons of $10 365nm lights on Amazon and ebay. I included a couple just to show what is out there. Most are not worth looking at. Please note I have only used the Convoy S2+ light personally.

~Prices are included only to show relative costs. They are just what I found when searching and will vary with time and coupons. Current as of the date of this post. They also show that some of these light can be quite expensive, mostly the ones promoted to the forensic community.
~Stated power is what the manufacturer gives. Mostly these are consumed power (5W) but some are for emitted power (650mW). Sorry I was lazy and didn’t try to put them all on a common basis. Probably not enough information to do that anyway.
~Filter included is important if you want to use the light stock. All UV emitters give off some visible light and you will be unsatisfied with the UV performance of the light without a UV filter. See the CRX post for links about these filters. Edit: see post below by CRX.

Personal recommendation: If you are looking for a good budget UV light, consider the Countryman, Convoy or Jaxman lights listed at the beginning of the table. From the comments I have seen on BLF these are all good lights from reputable dealers. You will essentially get what you pay for in performance. Full disclosure, I have no financial connection with any of these companies. I started with the Convoy S2+ and was very happy. Be sure it uses the Nichia emitter and has the ZWB2 filter.

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This thread might benefit from some additional information by djozz about emitters & such.

“Updated my UV-led test method”:“http://budgetlightforum.com/node/57798
“ 4 more 365nm UV-leds tested”:http://budgetlightforum.com/node/59304
2mm ZWB2 filter tested

All djozz tests

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Great UV info Scientist, thanks for doing this.

I noticed the Nitecore CU6 on the list of lights so FWIW here’s an image of the UV emitter on mine. (Up close that this is alien looking.)

Looks a little like the Viosys and the LG but slightly different from both. It performs like a true 365nm. Anyone know more?

Seeking the light.

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Nice thread.  Thank you Scientist. 

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my fitorch mr35 also has a 3535 UV led, but it seems like that they underdrive the led
no information about UV led

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