Ozark Trail 500L Rechargeable

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Ozark Trail 500L Rechargeable

I assume there is a 18650 in this puppy. I like it too much to tear it apart. Got it for $15 shipped off eBay. $20 in store. I love simple lights with simple modes. I also like much more towards flood than precision throw. This guy has an OP reflector and so the throw gets snowballed into floodiness too which is how I like it. Under the flap there is the microusb port and an led. Better made flap than what I’ve seen on these other lights I’ve tried. Clicky is actually tactical. Light press is momentary. Full click on. Two modes. High and low. Click it twice with about 3 seconds it will go to low. Says 500 lumens high for 2hr 45mins 140meters. Low 106 lumens for 13hrs 64 meters says the packaging backside. Seems very lightweight…let me weigh it here…5.5 ounces. Just feels great it my hand. You need to put the grip tape on it as seen in the pictures or pressing the button cigar-style causes it to slip as the aluminum is too … slippery. For me, the 500 lumens and 100 is great for around the house for ordinary stuff. Lights it up but doesn’t blind me. Nice cool white but nothing too cool. For me just a great utility torch. Emitter slightly off-center.




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Yeah, I picked up the 750 lumen version of this light. The tail switch is tactical. Light presses for both high and low beams.