Negative terminal pushed in on 18350

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Negative terminal pushed in on 18350

Anyone experience this? The last two are fine just there for reference, only 2 are really bad. I’ve seen some pushed in positive terminals but this is a first for me. Most of my lights have bypasses so springs are stiffer than usual but none of my 18650’s seem to be effected.

I only have one light which takes 18350 in series and i’m not sure the worst of these batteries were ever in that light. It is possible though.

Should I be concerned about using these or just try not to make them worse?

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There was a problem with the early Astrolux S42, and my thing also happened Big Smile

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I have always wondered about this as well.

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It’s not much of a problem actually.

It is the positive terminal, which when pushed, could be quite dangerous and lead to a full short circuit.