Got Convoy M2 and Convoy BD06 in Today.

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Got Convoy M2 and Convoy BD06 in Today.

So I got my Convoy M2 and Convoy BD06 in today and I really like them both.

I got them from Simon at Convoy on Aliexpress. Both lights are bright and great all around. The BD06 is brighter of the two.

The M2 finds it way into my pocket more then the BD06.

I wish there were more mode options for both lights without the blinkies.

This is my 5th Convoy light. But still the Convoy S2+ Sand from Simon is my favorite light and is the one I use the most. Due to the variety of mode selections and size.

My light collection is now:

Convoy S2+ Sand
Convoy S2
Convoy L6
Convoy M2
Convoy BD06
Kaidomain KF8
Kaidomain E6
Trustfire A8
Ultrafire F13
Ultrafire F13
And more

Kaidomain C8.2 on the way.

Plus more of the old school lights

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It’s hard to beat a Convoy flashlight! If you want a different/better UI, you will need to start modifying them. Convoys are very easy to modify. I have several of them with the MTN-17DDm driver and the awesome Bistro firmware.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.