I want to buy modified DQG Tiny 18650

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I want to buy modified DQG Tiny 18650

Hallo,cos i still dont know which flashlight i will choose from all the offers,i choosed my most beloved.DQG Tiny 18650.But as all know,this flashlight can reach only 850 lumens,which is not enough for me.I want to ask modders here-only the european ones-who is able to modify for me this torch..Some of users change it into triple xpl.This is extreme mod,maybe single led is enough,but with better driver,like Fet for example.It depends of your advise,iam not modder,but this light is a long term relationship…So,is here someone,who can customise it for me?
thanks in advance:)

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I can’t mod it for you (very difficult what I’ve read) but just came across you’re similar post from over 2 years ago! Smile


Do you already have one?

I’ve been considering this light for years, been on the fence that long because of the faulty switch reports, kept thinking they would revise it or someone else would come out with something to compete with it (in size) but since neither has happened in over 2 years I think I’m finally going to give one a try now.

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Some inspiration for the mod Wink

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