[GIVEAWAY] XTAR PB2 – The Revolution of Traditional Charger!

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[GIVEAWAY] XTAR PB2 – The Revolution of Traditional Charger!

Hello everybody!
It’s time to announce the results of the giveaway!!
Prize: XTAR PB2 battery charger power bank*1
Winner is matg
Congratulations! You will be the lucky winner to use the first batch of PB2!

We are offering you a revolution of traditional charger! XTAR PB2, Hand-held Portable Charger with Power Bank Function! Protect our environment with replaceable batteries design, control the quality of the cells yourself and DIY the capacity of your mini power bank up to 7000mAh+!

XTAR PB2 Link:

In order to thank everyone‘s participation, we will pick one winner from those members who participate here to win XTAR PB2! Be the first one to use!

How to enter:
1).Comment three features you like most
2).Tell your family, friends or others to join to win the prize!

Time: 19th April—28th April
Announcement date: GMT+8, 28th April.
Prize: PB2*1

Wish you good luck!

Join More giveaways here:
XTAR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShenzhenXTAR/
XTAR Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xtar_official/


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1) 2 A charge for when you forgot to top up…
2) Nice format for a combined charger/PB
3) LID!

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I love the closed design, charge level display, and reputable manufacturer! No one else is making anything like this. I posted about the product on Reddit a little while ago, I’ll go tell everyone over there to come check it out!

When is the product going to be released for sale?


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1) Magnetic cover.. faster, easier and more secure open/close.

2) Quick charge time.. Everything needs to be fast these days.

3) Patented safe technology.. Foolproof safe.

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- 2.1A output
- 2A charge current
- Conversion efficiency up to 92%

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- Charger/Powerbank, with display
- Compact/closed format, easy fit in pocket
- Good quality (easy for me to say: I own several XTAR’s and they have never let me down yet)

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1) the design/color is good
2) seems lightweight enough to carry
3) nice cover, display and performance for size

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  • Looks like a vape mod without the 510 connection for an atomizer. Xtar sells more charger products to the vape community by 10x’s.
  • Hopefully TSA will be as enthusiastic about it. They don’t like seeing batteries sitting in chargers. Being marketed as a powerbank, people will tend to leave unprotected cells in the charger. Xtar knows this, hence all the safety feature talk.
  • Looking forward to what HKJ has to say about it.
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1) Multiple functions, recharge batteries or use the batteries to recharge any USB device.
2) Minimal size for these functions.
3) Magnetic cover gives the unit a sleek and pocket-able form.

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1) Pocket friendly shape and size
2) two cell design is perfect capacity for EDC phone charging.
3) 2A+ in each direction, less down-time.

Looks very attractive – one question though, can it do pass-through charging, i.e. can it be left on charge and also charge an attached device, either sequentially or simultaneously (with two cables, obviously)?

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1.Max 2.1A USB output
2.Max real 2Ax1/1Ax2 charge current
3.Magnetic cover

thanks for the giveaway

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1. Quick charge time
2. Conversion efficiency up to 92%
3. magnetic cover

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Charger/Powerbank, with display.
the design/color is good.
two cell design is perfect capacity for EDC phone charging.

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1. can be act as emergency charger (power bank) for phone
2. quick charge time (2.1A)
3. 0V battery activation feature

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-Quick charge
-OV activation

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1 compact size and design
2 battery charge and discharge balancing technology
3 conversion efficiency up to 92%

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1. Magnetic cover is real nice
2. Like the fact I could use it as a cell phone charger
3. Max real 2Ax1 charging speed

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2.Magnetic cover
3.2Ax1/1Ax2 charge current.

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1) magnetic cover
2) quick charge
3) stylish

Question for Xtar….
Do I read it correctly, does it only charge unprotected cells?

Thanks for the GAW

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1 safety built in. I like to know my truck won’t burn down if I leave the charger in it .
2 I like the closed top design with the magnet.
3 powerbank feature

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1. Cover
2. Quick Charge
3. Powerbank


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I like the look the size the shape
and the ability to use any battery .

I also like the cool new look of your batteries

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Reputable manufacturer

Thanks for the chance!

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I like the fact that it is a charger AND a power bank
It balances cells
It charges from 0V

…Magnetic cover
Quick charge phone

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1. can be act as emergency charger (power bank) for phone
2. magnetic cover
3 powerbank feature

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1 At first the brand XTAR! This gives confidence in the quality.
2 0V Activation Function
3 Used as a power bank:


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1. Versatility – PowerBank & Charger – 2-IN-1
2. Very good design.
3. Ease of use.
4. I really want this thing.

Thank you!

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1. I like the for factor and sleek design.
2. The magnetic cover should make swapping batteries easy I’ve had some enclosures that were a pain in the past.
3. The 1A charge rate so it’s easy to charge near last minute.

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  • 0V Activation.
  • Power Bank.
  • Looks.


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1. design – usually I don’t care about design when it comes to chargers but this one really rocks – love it
2. power bank – with magnetic cover and compact size this can be really usable power bank
3. easy of use – quick charge with built in safety features

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1. The fact that I can use replaceable 18650 cells.

2. The magnetic cover is a much better design than normal slididng covers.

3. The springs are probably much higher quality than cheaper DIY powerbanks.