Nichia Optisolis 3000K & 5000K color and CRI testing

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Nichia Optisolis 3000K & 5000K color and CRI testing

Clemence sent me the Nichia Optisolis in 3000K and 5000K flavor for color and CRI testing.

The exact model numbers are:

There was four samples of both and they came already reflowed on Virence VR16S1 DTP MCPCBs. Each board had two emitters wired in parallel. The other pair will continue its journey to Koef3 for further testing. Also check out Djozz’s output test here.

The emitters are specified for up to 150mA (3000K) and 100mA (5000K) continuous current, but according to Djozz they seem to handle larger currents fine.

CRI and color testing was done at Nichia’s recommended current of 65mA (per emitter). For the tint vs. current test I ran my samples up to 200mA.

All tests were done with bare emitters with no reflectors or optics used.


There’s practically no tint shift at all. Not with varying current or measurement angle. The tint is also excellent landing on or near the BBL.

The point of the Optisolis is color accuracy, which is excellent. I measured CRI(Ra) at 97 (3000K) and 99 (5000K) and R9 at 94 (3000K) and 93 (5000K). CRI also doesn’t change with current. The 3000K version seems to over saturate colors according to its TM-30-15 Rg value of 104. The 5000K one is more faithful at Rg 99.

Data for 3000K sample #2

Data for 5000K sample #2

The two different samples are very consistent. There’s very little difference in the spectrum between them.

CRI Data at different currents (per emitter)



Forward voltage up to 400mA (200mA per emitter).

The Vf is about 0.1V higher on the 5000K model.

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Very nice color and tint, and extremely good CRI which are equal or even better than the Ledengin Gallery-white 3000 K (stated CRI 98) emitters! Well done Nichia!

Thanks for your testing, I'm very excited to see this LEDs and it's color for myself! Extreme testing would follow if I got some of these.

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Excellent review. This LED is really something else. And some great measurement and testing hardware as well Cool

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Well done Maukka, great test and setup. I’m drooling at those Rigol (can’t afford those of HKJ’s Ughh )
Your results matched the results Nichia sent me earlier. 200mA continuous use seems fine. It’s been almost two months they’re inside my light bulb with almost 24 hours daily use.


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koef3 wrote:
Thanks for your testing, I’m very excited to see this LEDs and it’s color for myself! Extreme testing would follow if I got some of these.

Naw, not me. I’d take care of them and love them and give them a good home.

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Thanks for testing.

Hmm, 3000K use blue ~440nm emitter, but 5000K use ~420nm violet emitter.

from datasheet : This product uses a unique red phosphor that has a slow response time; when compared with the blue die and green phosphor in the product, the red will fluoresce with a delayed pulse of about 5msec and have an afterglow for about 5msec after the blue die
dims. If the LEDs are operated with a pulse current, ensure there are.

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