Thorfire TK05 Review.

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Thorfire TK05 Review.





I really like this little flashlight. I have used it off and on for about a month. That was almost a pun. Ha ha ......The low output mode is not moonlight nor is it really bright. As for I am concerned it is just right but I am not goldilocks just a bit more like one of the bears. After a month of use the parasitic drain seems very minimal. Battery is close to 75% charged according my battery charger.  Miranda Duan gave me a nice coupon for the flashlight to use on Amazon to do the review. I have posted a basic set of photos of the flashlight. If anyone wants a specific view or mode operation photo of the flashlight just ask. I will even not use my phone camera for photo requests. The UI is very easy to use. One click and the flashlight comes on in the last mode used. Long press of switch and poof no more light. Poof means flashlight turns off. Two fast clicks from Off or On and strobe is activated. Useful if you are young and at a rave or old and decrepit and break in some way needing help. I think the rave option is much more fun but I am close to needing the flashlight for the later option. yell So many flashlight reviews have been written in the last 10 years. Many stars have been given or withheld in those reviews. I feel like a silly or worse offering stars or no stars in reviews. I can honestly say the flashlight has not failed me in the least this past month. Have not traveled to remote regions of the world with the flashlight. Have not thrown myself in raging rivers or oceans with the TK05 just to see what happens to it. Have not thrown the flashlight out of any windows or hit it with a hammer multiple times. So if you are planning to trek to the far corners of the earth and drenching yourself and belongings in rivers, oceans, or even swamps and hitting things with a hammer. Then this review is not for you because I can not say what will happen to the TK05 then.  If you are just an average human being needing to hear if the TK05 works ? Well "It works just fine". Nice bright white beam. Does not catch fire with a 14500 battery installed but becomes even brighter. Easy to use. Well constructed and solid design. I have used it walking down stairs in the dark. Peaked into my car's trunk in the garage. Blinded myself pointing the flashlight in the wrong direction. Looked under my bed searching for monsters. Only found strange looking bugs, ew IMG_20180418_211409460-Fix 2

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