WTB - Zebralight SC62w--- Found one, no longer looking

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blueb8llz wrote:
I also think this. I can’t imagine how the warm white looks. Seems like it would be too yellow.

Some of the warm Zebralights have definitely been yellow. The SC62w, with its XM-L2, wasn’t. At least, most of them weren’t unless you lost the “tint lottery”. I’d call it tannish instead. It had enough red content to balance out the yellow and give a nice warm-tan kinda glow, if that makes sense.

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StandardBattery wrote:
I have the w, c, and d. They are all good. My favorites are the w and the d I believe. w is a bit nicer outdoors and slightly brighter which is nice sometimes. I’d have to go back and look at all of them again. I’ve packed the c and d away somewhere. If I had to go back to only having there 62w it would not be so bad. It’s a really good tint for both indoor and outdoor, a good compromise; that does not seem like a compromise most of the time.

Doesn’t the c and d have a 320Lm Phillips Luxeon emitter in them?

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I may have a sc62w if you’re still looking.

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