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Henk4U2 wrote:
Parametrek wrote:
One of the more interesting keychain lights in my database is the Ultratac K18 Mini. And I don’t think anyone has reviewed it either. It’s on amazon for like $16..

This is a very nice light. Especially the SS edition. 10440 ready and delivers more than the 360 lumens claimed by the manufacturer. You can find a review by Selfbuilt over here. I have one, so should you.

Henk4U2, I believe the K18 mini may be a similar to the K18, only a lot smaller!
However, the head seems similar, as the UI!!

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TINI is my favorite small light, but I keep Olight I3 eos on keychain, it takes a solid beating and just works, they are built like a tank. I had a TIP CRI on keys for awhile but it kept getting turned on, If they would put lockout mode back into this unit it would probably stay on keychain. I use the TINI on a neck lanyard, you barely notice it, but it can pump out some serious lumens when needed.

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Switched to the just found TINI. Excellent on keychain. Ordered an Astrolux K1 and a Geek. Curiosity + Terrible Self Control = Lots o’ flashlights.

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DavidEF wrote:
MascaratumB wrote:

Maybe this thread can help with some more choices!!


Hey, that RovyVon light you linked there (in that other thread). That thing has everything! It’s tiny. It has built-in charging, a built-in 130mAh cell (that’s 40mAh more than the 10180 in my Hobi), a side-switch, and 550 lumens from a XP-G3! And I wonder if this is true:
Built-in polymer 4.2V. 130mAh Li-ion Battery. LED in red to show low power, easy to monitor the battery capacity.
If they mean a Lithium Polymer, that would explain the 550lm ability. Shocked

I would buy if I could get it shipped to EU. But I can’t. Sad
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My top pick for keychain is Manker LAD w Nichia, USB rechargeable:

I do not recommend the little 10180 lights such as Astrolux M01, finnicky, unreliable mode selection

Pico light is good if you dont mind cool blue, single mode, but batteries are expensive
Astrolux left, Pico right

Photon is good, batteries also expensive

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Well. I don’t carry my K18 on my keychain, rather I hang it it on the lip of my pocket and it clears my keys and pocket clutter. Never accidentally turns on either.