New Convoy color samples...taste the rainbow

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the two new colors are clearly a bit taller than the rest, perhaps due to resting on the knotted portion of the wood?

Looks to me like the difference is in the knurled section of the tail, most noticeable in the pic between the purple and copper.

Beam me up!

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emarkd wrote:
Did someone say S2+ army? I don’t know about that, but I’ve probably got at least a brigade here…

All those colors… it’s like a don’t-ask-don’t-tell S2+ army. Big Smile

I just ordered a coupla purple ones. The orange looks really nice, too.

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

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Awesome collection emarkd! I’m jealous! Wink I actually don’t have many S2/S2+ lights, literally only 2 or 3. Black S2 and a Blue S2+, I should address this deficiency…. and that Purple is gorgeous, as is the Orange.. and Cyan… and and and

Edit: Oddly enough, I have a Hoop copper spacer for the S2+ sitting here in it’s original wrapping. Never installed. I got two, put one in my Blue S2+ and never did anything with the other one. I had actually entertained selling this Blue one once upon a time and wrote down all the pertinents on one of my business cards, it has 3x XP-L V3 1C emitters and makes 3029 lumens using the A6 firmware from TK. The card sits with the light in a custom tube light display rack made for me by a friend. (robo819, does beautiful wood work and likes to use cedar, which this one is)

I do seem to have a couple of S2’s in short form, one with a UV emitter and another in red emitter variant around here somewhere… the red emitter is, I think, in a red light. The UV one is in black.

Man I need to get with the program!

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The 18350 tubes in Cyan/Orange/Violet are now available.

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Delta_V wrote:
The 18350 tubes in Cyan/Orange/Violet are now available.

I was waiting for them, ordered a violet host and tube Cool
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here’s a color combo I wanted… I am selling the mismatched leftovers at work for a small discount…


anyone in NE ILLinois into get togethers?

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I’ve been asking Simon for an orange S2+ for years. Nice to see he made one. Just ordered it in the U1 7135×4 flavor as well as the orange 18350 tube. I like orange and like to get specific gear in that color if possible. Now to wait for it to arrive.


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I want the S21 in colours now Crown