Litesam military-grade edc flashlight save 35% off on Amazon

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Litesam military-grade edc flashlight save 35% off on Amazon

Save an additional 35% . Valid through May 17, 2018

Here are video reviews from Youtube:

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I’m bored this morning so I clicked on the amazon link (I did click on the first youtube link but it said it was an 8 minute video and I didn’t want to waste that much time)

According to your amazon listing, your light provides 700 lumens on a 14500 battery? And according to your answer in the product question section, it doesn’t get hot in the process of providing the 700 lumens?


How do you manage to accomplish this? Once again, I didn’t want to watch the youtube videos as I’m sure you can provide a concise explanation as to how your light exceeds the current state of the art in 14500 lights (or provide a sample to one of the many good reviewers on this site who can independently confirm your assertions).

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Looks interesting, but kinda pricey for an AA light, no? Even with the discount. Dunno if it could compare with an SP10 or TK05.

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Looks nice, but a none hidden strobe is probably killing it for most of us. Price may be a bit high also.

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I don’t know, with discount mine is $16.25. With a cell that’s not terrible is it? I already have 3 of this size but if I didn’t I’d bite.

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Why is the flashlight listed under

  • Mobility Aids & Equipment › Canes, Crutches & Accessories › Cane Accessories › Cane Flashlights


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ActiveAl wrote:

This manufacturer is unknown – no representation on BangGood, GearBest, or AliExpress. The stated output of 700 lumens is suspect. Fakespot assigns a grade of F to the product’s reviews on Amazon. Sorry, too many red flags. 



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