Wickedly Sharp !

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Wickedly Sharp !

I recently got myself some 5 new knives . It has been a while since I indulged my knife habit , so I thought a dose of five would give me a decent fix . OMG !!!! 4 out of those 5 are seriously wicked when it comes to taking an edge , I was simply blown away by just how sharp these knives got with a little work . Everyone likes a sharp knife right ? , well I do . Now there are different levels of sharp and for me if a knife wont take hair of your arm it simply is not sharp ! How about a knife so sharp it removes every hair that crosses its path as you run it across your arm ! I have 4 of them ..

These 4 are the first Chinese made knives that I have been able to get scary sharp ! We are talking scalpel sharp . I could see a surgeon reach into his pocket and pull out a Y-Start …… “ Don’t worry mister Johnson – we will have that heart valve fixed in a jiffy “ … But seriously .. All 4 go to the next level of sharp . I can’t say edge holding is that much better , but then I haven’t tested for that ( sorry – no time ) . But I have put away all my other knives and these are now my go to knives . Certainly seem to do a much better job day to day , that is for certain – how much better ? ( Haven’t put that edge holding to the test yet ) But with so many projects I am finding it hard to set time aside for these knives .

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