Modding SF14 Parts?

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Modding SF14 Parts?

Hello, I was getting ready to order a new driver and star for my Sofirn SF14 that died (I don’t know what happened, the led barely lights up after I left it in my bag for a week or so), until I realized that Mtnelec doesn’t sell stars that are 14mm in ø? And I don’t have the equipment or time to sand a 16mm down. Does anyone know where I can find 14mm DTP stars for XP-G/XP-Ls (with an LED on it already)? Thanks!


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You can find 14mm (non DTP) on Sofirn store in AliExpress! Can it be any issue with a driver or PCB contact with the pill? Or some wire that has desoldered?

If you have a file, you can file a 16 mm DTP plate! I’ve done that once and it worked. Tool more time but worked!!

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