Looking for a high output thrower

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In terms of value, the Convoy L6 someone recommended is a good choice. The Convoy L2 is a smaller good choice, but I think you would need to mod it to an XHP50 or 50.2 to get closer to your desired beam profile.
Another less-expensive option is any of the Jax X1 series, they come with either a smooth reflector (more throw, more laser-like beam) or a orange peel reflector. I own the orange peal reflector version and dedomed the stock XHP50, and I’mvery pleased with the beam profile. Is a nice blend of throw and flood, but its not by any means a 1000 yard thrower, just a good option at a reasonable price.
Also the Jax Z1 series I hear is a good choice, but don’t own one. That is the the aspheric “zoomie” version, so that might give you the option between flood and throw whenever necessary.