KDLitker C8.2 flashlight problem (Low mode automatically brightens up)

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KDLitker C8.2 flashlight problem (Low mode automatically brightens up)

I decided to try out a flashlight with XHP50.2, since I didn't have one using the LED type yet.  I went for the KDLitker C8.2 with XHP50.2 flashlight.

Just received my order recently. I only tested the flashlight when I first received it, to check that it worked. (it appeared to work, I just tested switching modes and didn't use it further).

So now, it's about 2 weeks later and I decided to test it out a bit more. I was comparing its brightness and beam with my other flashlights,  then the KDLitker C8.2 seems to be malfunctioning (I haven't tested it much yet).


When set to Low mode, it will immediately brighten up and not actually stay in Low mode.


What could be the problem?  (I have tried changing the battery with  good high-drain capable ones like VTC6)

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Perhaps it’s on Automatic Ramp mode? haha Beer