Help finding ideal Photo/Video EDC light

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Help finding ideal Photo/Video EDC light

Hello, Welcome input, I’m amateur photographer/videographer searching for a light that can easily be carried/packed that has characteristics:

1.Adjustable throw/width (either moveable lens or overlay of some type)
2.Rechargeable – preferably USB, but not deal breaker if AC. Would prefer not to have to remove batteries to charge.
3.Able to illuminate setting within about 25 feet. . such as inside small area of a cave, or deer in woods at about 10 yards. . . not a mile away, not illuminating Grand Canyon :), but needs to have decent lumens and throw (prob over 1000 lumens -which shouldn’t be issue)
4.Adjustable intensity (preferably sliding scale, but can do step wise – dim, bright, brighter)
5.Size wise—-thinking no bigger than holding 1 or 2 – 18650 or equivalent (so hand held). . not pocketable but would be a plus
6.Would have plus if way to mount on camera or tripod or pole (Or I can finagle something).

Thanks, D