APP for RD DPS power supply for DPS5005 .DPS3005,DPS8005

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APP for RD DPS power supply for DPS5005 .DPS3005,DPS8005

1, Our DPS power supply android APP was published today,
A, Now it is only support communication version of DPS3005 , DPS5005 and DPS8005. If you have bluetooth board, you can connect it with android phone (only support android 5.0 and above).
This is the down load link (or you can check their file link ) .
This is the video for APP :
If you have USB version and not have BT board, you can make order here to buy a bluetooth board (if you have no communication version, don’t buy it)
B, For other power supply communication version (DPS5015. DPS5020,DPH5005), APP is designing ,in the future Maybe you just update this app on line to get new APP. Now please wait our good news
This is all DPS power supply link, you can check
2, our new products UM34© USB 3.0 meter and USB load LD25 (25W, intelligence control ). For the old rules, new products are published, there is lowest price in 4 days , UM34 12.99 USD (normal price 16 USD), UM34C 16.98 USD (normal price 20 USD). LD25 8.99 USD (normal price 11 USD ), buying together will more cheaper, please check the link.
UM34© link:
LD24 link
UM34© video :
A, UM34© is better than UM24©, same interface with UM25©, have USB 3.0 port.
B, only APP, not PC software, precision is better than UM24©, not better than UM25C,
C, LD24 is digital control USB load, have many protection(OVP,OPP,OTP) , can set the output state and current, big power 25w.
Thank you again for read so many thing, if you want to learn more , please check the page
This is our home page :
Hope you like our APP and new products