Rofis MR70 Review By Mrs OutdoorsIQ + Exclusive to BLF Olight M2R Warrior Giveaway

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Rofis MR70 Review By Mrs OutdoorsIQ + Exclusive to BLF Olight M2R Warrior Giveaway

Hi Guys… I recently received the Rofis MR70 to review and it is currently sticking around as one of my favourites! Thumbs Up

Mrs OutdoorsIQ has decided she liked this light too so she is doing the review for this… we hope you enjoy!!

If you prefer watching the review, please click here >>> YouTube Video

Also, because you guys have been the most supportive IQ’ers, we have decided to do an exclusive giveaway of another Olight M2R Warrior to express our thanks! To qualify, you need to
(1) be subscribed to our YouTube channel
(2) be a BLF member
(3) comment on this post so that we know you are interested!

We are doing the draw in 48 hours of this post and will ship it to anywhere in the world.

For those who prefer reading…

“When SkyBenTrade asked us to review the Rofis MR70, we were taken by surprise by what we received.

Who is Rofis? That’s the exact question I asked Mr Outdoors IQ when we received this flashlight from SkyBenTrade. As it happens, Rofis has been around for the past 7 years, beginning with this first flashlight which was a multipurpose angled flashlight.

When reviewing flashlights, you can often get lost in specifications, to the point where physically handling the flashlight feels unnecessary. When we unboxed the MR70, we were expecting another low-end Chinese flashlight. What we found was a flashlight that could compete with the big players such as Nitecore or Fenix. We are almost embarrassed to admit that the MR70 is our first Rofis, though we suspect this will not be our last.

The quality of the MR70 is immediately apparent, this really took us by surprise. Both the machining and hard anodization is flawless. Unscrewing the tailcap, you also notice that Rofis has opted for a dual spring design. Both of these features are what you would expect from a major flashlight manufacturer and is certainly welcomed on the MR70.

In terms of features, the MR70 definitely delivers. For a start, it’s 3500 lumens. Which for the most part is plenty of light output for this size of flashlight. It also features a handy side light, which is a separate emitter from the main LED providing a useful flood light for times when you don’t need as much output. But the features don’t stop there. Not only is the MR70 USB rechargeable but it is also USB dischargeable. Yes! That’s right! USB dischargeable.

Rofis includes an adaptor in the box which allows you to charge your other devices by acting as a powerbank. If you’re a true flashaholic, this would mean you can charge another flashlight using your flashlight! Or you could even buy two MR70’s and connect them together!

The form factor is perfect for a mini-flooder. Because the MR70 has a single 26650, this allows for a thicker body which fits perfectly in-hand. This is our preference over a flashlight with say a long slim body using two 18650’s.

The MR70 includes a healthy amount of accessories. Including a 5500 mah battery, lanyard, micro USB charging cable, micro USB discharging cable, spare o-rings, the instruction manual and a carrying case.

Now perhaps the most intriguing feature is that the MR70 can be used as a powerbank. We can’t think of any other flashlight off-hand which allows the charging of USB devices. It is certainly nice to see a flashlight manufacturer thinking outside of the box.

Rofis includes a micro-USB to USB socket in the box which is used to connect your USB device to be charged. In our testing, we found that our iPhone X (10) charged at up to 2.2 amps. This is impressive considering that the MR70 is primarily a flashlight, not a powerbank. Given that the MR70 includes a 5500 mah battery, you should expect to charge your phone at least a couple of times.

Installation of the battery is easy, unscrew the tail cap and remove the protective plastic under the tailcap. Once the protective plastic has been removed, re-install the tail cap ensuring a secure connection. As soon as the tail cap makes connection the side button indicator will flash either green or red indicating the current battery level. The MR70 can also be recharged using micro-USB. We found recharging the MR70 to be fairly quick, charging at around 2 amps.

The size and weight of the MR70 is 141 grams without the battery installed, 127mm long and 39.2 mm in head diameter. Given that the MR70 is 3500 lumens, this is what we would consider an excellent size-to-output ratio. Any smaller and the flashlight would step down too quickly and any larger, then flashlight would no longer be pocket friendly. The MR70 is really the goldilocks size of pocket flooders.

The MR70 has two emitters. The primary emitter is an XHP70.2. This produces a cool white beam with minimal colour shift. Given that many of the XHP70 flashlights we have recently reviewed had significant colour shift, this is certainly a welcomed change. The MR70 also includes a side mounted XP-G2 emitter with a pleasant warm tint.

The MR70 includes four light modes and two flashing modes. This includes low at 30 lumens, medium at 450 lumens, high at 1500 lumens and turbo at 3500 lumens. The side emitter also has three light modes including low at 3 lumens, medium at 60 lumens and high at 200 lumens. In terms of runtime, the MR70 will run for 7 days on its lowest setting and 190 minutes on its highest setting, though this is after stepping down twice at 1 minute and 10 minutes.

The operation of the MR70 is fairly easy. Both the main emitter and the side emitter have mode memory for the high, medium and low modes. To switch on the flashlight, press the side button once. Pressing and holding the side button while the flashlight is on will cycle between the high, medium and low modes. To access the turbo mode, double press the side button from either the on or the off position. To turn on the side emitter, press and hold the side button from off. With either the side emitter or the main emitter activated, press the side button once to switch off the flashlight. Pressing and holding the side button for 4 seconds will activate the location beacon which will flash the side button light allowing you to find the flashlight at night.

Occasionally at Outdoors IQ, we receive a flashlight which is not at all what we expect. Sometimes it’s a low-quality flashlight, which usually isn’t worth us showing you, our IQ’ers. This isn’t at all one of those cases. The MR70 has taken us by surprise not only because of its quality but its long list of features. The Rofis MR70 certainly has received a tick from us if you are looking for a feature packed pocket flooder.

If you enjoyed this review, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. We appreciate your support!!

Finally, a big thank you to SkyBenTrade for sending us a good quality flashlight to review.

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In! Thanks!

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Good luck! =)

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Great review, I like a lot the dual led system for a floodier or throwier beam

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Thank you and Good Luck!

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Very interested in this great giveaway!

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That seems like an interesting lamp. O’Light certainly appear to be quality.
Put me down for your givaway please. I need a decent pocket torch.

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Can you give more information on runtimes/heat build up/step down?

I am interested in the giveaway.

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Excellent. Many Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all.

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i`ve posted russian review. plan to post english version here soon.
guys, that is really good light. i alway treated ROFIS as cheap crappy lights. and was glad to change my mind.

wait 3-4 days and i get a good discount code for it to include to review. this light for it`s price is awesome.

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Hey,good to have you back Mr and Mrs OutdoorsIQ Wink

Is it still possible to be in for the GAW? Wink

Thanks for another excellent review Wink

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Im in

FL Newbie

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Sure, count me in

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In for the GAW. I don’t want to be negative, but the M2R Warrior is the first interesting “tube” shaped light Olight has made in some time. I still have (and actually EDC) the good-old TC15! And the M2X UT. And, ….

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Very nicely done – I wish I could do an in-hand comparison to the Imalent DN70 for feel and pocketability.

Count me in. And as subscriber #458, I’m looking forward to watching some of your earlier videos.

[BTW – The Amazon link at the end is broken – delete the quote at the end to make it work]

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I’m in Smile

The MR70 would be an interesting light indeed, but I just don’t like the looks of it. That Olight on the other hand, that’s already on my flashlight shopping list (which grows almost every time I visit BLF).

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Im in. I love olights but dont have one and need one.

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I’m in! Great review. So tempted to get the MR70, but I’m just not a fan of cool white.

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I’m in!

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In please :). I’ve been curious about this Rofis MR70 for a while but haven’t the budget for it. (which is not relevant at all to the M2R)

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MR70 is best in class for integrated function
smooth is the keyword here for use and feel
one switch, two emitters easily accessed
no pretense as to tactical
USB charge/discharge ~2A with included cables
included quality 26650 battery
included holster/sheath fits my Emisar D1S

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I’m in for the giveaway

PocketSammich wrote: I don’t need this, but I want it. Please sign me up.

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thanks for the review, i’m in

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Pretty cool setup, though it would be welcomed if the main LED was offered in neutral. And it would be nice to see USB-C instead of micro. (Oh, and count me in)

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I am in also.
Great production on that vid btw, although I would have liked to see about half the video focus on beam shots and throw comparisons.


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I don’t mind getting a free olight. Thanks!

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nice review. Interested and subscribed

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subscribed and thanks for the review

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I’m in for the giveaway!

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I’m in Smile

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Subscribed and definitely interested