Retrofitting Vintage Flashlights With LEDs

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Retrofitting Vintage Flashlights With LEDs

Hi everyone,

I scoured the web and found what I think are some very unique vintage lights, loaded with character and in great condition. In need of only a little flashaholic help Smile

Please let me know what you think, and if you have retrofits of your own feel free to share!!!

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Very nice Video, Thanks for sharing.

Also you can purchase some Vintage Flashlights here at for your Modding pleasure.

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This is amazing! I would like to be a bit so talented.
I wanted to change my old angle head flashlight some time ago, but I do not know how to do it.
Anyway I am waiting for more videos with mods of old flashlights Thumbs Up

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I love the result.

You guys should just use the flashlight app on your cellphone like a normal person

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amazing video, very well done! Music was terrific, and appropriate Wink One of your best ….. enjoy them all.


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Very nice and enjoyable as usual Matt! Nice built.
I had one of those (not similar but lookalike). My grandfather got it from a Dutch soldier back in 50s.

- Clemence

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Fantastic! Super project and video.

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Fantastic work and such a labor of love, not what I expected when I clicked on the thread. I love the conversion from old to new, and wonder what those would cost if you have paid yourself minimum wage. Smile

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Great job integrating modern flashlight science into such a neat looking vintage light!

Please make more videos when you tackle the other old lights you showed. Thumbs Up

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You’re right that almost everyone has a “mod the old light fantasy “ and it’s more like totally rebuild instead of just a mod .It’s not for the faint of heart or a mod that a noob should even consider unless he already has mad skills and a machine shop Silly One of the reasons I started selling Diffusion film is because I kept looking at modding some old lights and the first thing that hits you square in the face is the fact the reflector on these old lights is a part you’re going to be throwing into the parts bin… Instead of looking for a crazy expensive, massive reflector to replace the old one, the easier way is to use any size reflector you want (like a C-8 reflector ) and then just surround the rest of the lens with dc-fix . So you end up with a donut ring of frosted from the edge of the reflector to the bezel .If for nothing more than aesthetics.. and hiding the huge gap between a 50 mm reflector and a 110 mm head (or whatever size it is ) Clearly you could paint it or do any number of things but I think frosted makes sense and looks nicer . I have a few rectangular 2xaa energizer and duracell side by side lights with a rectangular reflector that offers you even less options .. probably just getting flat glass and 100% diffuser film . Like you said these old light specialized in ugly beams already and just dropping an LEDs in them makes you realize how far away from the correct angle these reflectors really are . Batteries and battery holders are the easy part…Switches are another matter altogether . Most Old lights are happy to sit on the shelf thinking they are actually part of “my collection “ while awaiting major transplant surgery…. When I die I’m sure each of my relatives will pick a flashlight or two for something to remember me by….Someone will lose the lottery Silly

Pretty cool looking old light to be modding .

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This is amazing! Love

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Yeah great video. But you can see how much work, machinery, etc…. is involved. not simple.