Sofirn SP32A

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Sofirn SP32A

I was offered a free SP32A for a usage testing. Based on that and other evidence from the forums, Sofirn seems like a nice company to deal with. They seem to listen to our opinions, make changes to their lights and seem very pleasant and helpful in the forums. I thought that before the sample, and was nicely surprised to be picked for a light! I have many Sofirn lights.

I wanted the SP32A anyway…so this was a nice and welcome surprise.

My review is not technical at all, I haven’t taken it apart or ran any electrical tests, but I do find I use it very often…it is my go to grab for quick lighting around the house and garage. A very handy and bright tube light for everyday use.

It’s a reported 1550 lumens…seems like it in comparison to some of my other lights and a rudimentary ceiling bounce.
Nice bright tint…Cree XP-L2 LED with 5350-5700K.

Well machined…fit and finish are nice. Reversible battery tube to change the clip orientation. It has a side switch (which I prefer).

Driver spring is bypassed from the factory…a nice touch.

This light has a ramping mode. Ramping is a newer user interface in recent boutique lights. It is nice to find it on a production light. You can also turn on a 5 level discreet click mode. I have grown to prefer a ramping interface, and this one is nice.

Double click turbo.

It does not ramp as smoothly as a Q8 or a Emisar light…it is also slower. But no production light can match a user interface authored by the talent on this forum.

Even though I have dozens of current boutique lights found on this forum, I find this light very impressive and was going to purchase it merely on the fact that it is a Sofirn and I enjoy their lights. Frequent Amazon sales don’t hurt either.

I find them to be consistently useful in their price range and format.

The kit also came with a 3000 mAh 18650 and a single battery charger as well. This makes it useful to a person that doesn’t have a drawer full of batteries and chargers already. One’s first single 18650 and charger can easily add $20 to the price of Li-Ion flashlight, so it’s inclusion is a nice addition.

It is nice to see Sofirn take forum advice in to consideration and engineer lights with wanted and inovatative features.

When I'm spending mony foolishly, I like to do it wi$ely...

I have all the flashlights I need, but not as many as I want...


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Looks very much like a Thrunite Neutron 2c v2/v3…

I’ll consider getting one for my father. Will read more reviews.

I’ve got a thrower, a flooder, and an EDC too. Still looking for a bigger thrower, flooder, and a new EDC, give or take a few. I’m a flashaholic.

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I think you mean Sp32A. I also have this light and like it very much . Sofirn has become my #1 manufacturer . The 32 is my brightest tube light and the flood is nice. Just heard there is a new model coming.