BLF GT Short Tube On Amazon $12.99

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BLF GT Short Tube On Amazon $12.99

Don’t know if anyone needs one or what the prices are anywhere else. Says they have 11 left.

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The strange thing is that even Lumintop sells the short tube for 10$ (+ ‘free’ shipping which is actually 2$) and that Neal sells it for 15$ …

Even the cap is cheaper @Lumintop


I still didn’t receive a shipping notice so i contacted Lumintop
Their answer was that they do not sell the accessories independent, if you would like to order accessories please pay an additional 5 USD.

I have told them that at the time ordering there was not such a notice and it even said FREE shipping, but i even had to pay 2 USD handling and shipping fee, which i thought was a fair price so decided to place the order.
Their reply was that was indeed true, so they will ship my order without any additional fees. Smile
For now they have made a notice on their website to pay an additional fee which is 5 USD.

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a regular symptom of flasholism Big Smile

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Is it possible to buy cell carriers and a coupler to put 2 tubes together? 4s 4p configuration would be ideal for a hard driven xhp 70.2 Crazy