Does an EDC with ring selector and zoom exist?

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Does an EDC with ring selector and zoom exist?

A buddy in building engineering asked me about such a light, I can’t recall ever seeing both features in a belt-carry sized light.

Anyone here know of any?

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Zoom flashlight with magnetic selector ring zoom flashlight with USB charging

Originally posted in post #228 by Beam0
link to more info

Doesn’t look like very good build quality though.

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Big for an EDC at 7.28” long, and the zoom is almost worthlessly short, but it does indeed have zoom & ring:

I got it for play value and to see if I might like a Nitecore SRT9. The Nitecore is well worth the price difference, albeit no zoom. Much more convenient to carry, but no EDC there either.

The LE mentioned indirectly by Firelight2 is pretty much the same flashlight, with multiple light levels rather than multicolor: