Did i get an Used light from banggood?

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Did i get an Used light from banggood?

Hello, today my lumintop iyp365 arrived, but there are some disappointment here
First: The yellow ring is loose, even when i full tighted the light( you can see the pic in link below post)
Second: the screw is not lubed, not even little lube on it
Third: there is a mark on positive contact( im not sure about this one, you can check the pic)
And last, there are supposed to be 2 AAA in box, i didnt see it

And here the link i said, hope somebody can help me upload thoose
Thank you

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My Alu IYP365 also have loose golden ring, I think it’s normal.
No grease on thread is not unusual on Ti flashlight, they are grippy whatever you do.
I don’t see any mark on the positive brass button ?
Missing batteries is definitely not normal, they should at least refund a couple bucks for that.
However, I don’t think that you get a used product

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Thank you for replying
So i guess it is quite normal, but in their advertisement pictures i dont think the golden ring is supposed to be loose
About the lube, since this is my 1st Ti light so, yeah, i dont know anything about lube
And a pair of aaa is not worth refund to me, i can live without this

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Sometimes lights are tested at the factory, which makes them look used. I know all the BLF Q8’s had dirty scuff marks on the brass contact ring, which made it look used. That was simply a quality check at the factory, where they probably used dirty batteries for testing.

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Congrats on your new light!:-)
thanks for the photos, looks nice.

link says batteries not included
“Battery Configurations: 2 x AAA battery (not included)”

here is how I post pics
1. copy image address

2. click insert Image and paste image link. I usually use 90% image width

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Thank you so much, it’s strange that they already made a place in box to put dual aaa battery but then didnt include it

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A lot of places have stopped including cells now, even if they’re just AAA alkalines. Some even remove cells that have already been included with the product by the manufacturer. That way, packages don’t get rejected or discarded by paranoid shipping or customs people because they saw a cell while they were X-raying the package.

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Ring is loose on my black model. Think of it as one of those figet things.
BTW, light looks beautiful!
Maybe they had some alkaleaks spew out on some lights and decided against it? Didn’t bother to redesign packaging.