GEARBEST 2018 Mid-Year Giveaway -- Closed (5 winners - see op)

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GEARBEST 2018 Mid-Year Giveaway -- Closed (5 winners - see op)

June 30, 2018:

The five winners are:

— 170 — ImA4Wheelr
— 99 — RPI
— 68 — Trb5p
— 166 — nquinn
— 107 — southland

Guys, please contact Gearbest via pm to inform them of the prize of your choice.

Link of GB rep:

Congratulations! — better luck next time for the rest.


Hello to all of Gearbest’s friends here in BLF.

GB will be celebrating their annual Mid-Year Sale, and as usual, yours truly will again be assisting and hosting a simple giveaway by GB for you guys!

Post in this thread anything about Gearbest OR some photos, jokes, anecdotes.
Post only once, and that’ll be your entry. Please no duplicate accounts.
This giveaway starts June 22 and will end on June 29th, 2018. will be used to determine the lucky post numbers.
Rules subject to change without notice.
Have fun and post away guys!

Five winners ….and these 5 winners will be choosing ONE item among these goodies below:

Prize A: the new Convoy C8+

Prize B: Nitecore LA10

Prize C: FiTorch ER16

Prize D: Convoy S2

Prize E: Utorch S1

Prize F: MiBOXER C4

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In general, I have been very pleased with my orders from Gearbest thus far. Count me in please!

Sofirn C8F
Convoy S2+
Ultrafire WF502-B(dead)
Sofirn SF36

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My only order from GB is a Convoy S2+ this month. Not my first S2+, but a different color and tint, so why not? Flashlights get lonely if they do not have friends.

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Just ordered a T1 through the Gearbest Group buy, my 77th item from Gearbest since my first in March 2017.
Time flies, but my wallet is so light now it floats.

Beam me up!

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Gearbest is the most generous Chinese seller when dealing with faults, happy to recommend

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Always had good experiences buying from Gearbest.

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Gearbest: the reason for my flashlight addiction and all the discussion with my girlfriend Big Smile

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One thing I like from buying at GB is that I can use my points from previous purchases (and reviews) to get up to 30% OFF.
That’s very nice.

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Thanks for the giveaway Thumbs Up

raccoon city
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Thanks for the giveaway, tatasal & Gearbest!

I haven't had trouble with Gearbest in quite a while.

I think they're a real asset to BLF.

Count me in!  ^:)

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Been longtime Gearbest buyer. Started out with toys then ended up with flashlights.

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I am very pleased with Gearbest CS here on BLF.
I’m in, thank you Gearbest.

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Gearbest is a good trustworthy shop.

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Gearbest sale is the best time to pick up reasonably good flash light at decent prices. I got many of them and like them.

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I like about Gearbest that they also ship a couple of products from EU warehouses (GW-xx), so shipping time is often reduced to days instead of weeks. It would be great if there were more items available in EU warehouses in the future. Smile

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Nearly half of all of my flashlights are from Gearbest…
Thanks for this GA ! Thumbs Up

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GearBest is one of my selected stores for buying stuff…

I’m in!!!!

I want prize B (nitecore LA10).

Thanks for the chance.

This post/thread "may" contain referrals, a little contribution I "earn" in form of points ONLY if you buy the item. The purpose is to redeem items using the points and then making reviews of them in the forums to shar

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Midsummer behind us – time for a new flaslight!

Hope my wife never know that...

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I tend to buy from their daily list of specials, and confess it’s easier to do so on CPF. Only reason I go there these days.

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Gearbest, best gears for the flashaholics! =)

(I just hope they’ll try to find a good shipping option to ship batteries to our country in the near future… to power our flashlights..)

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Bought both my phone and laptop from Gearbest (Xiaomi stuff). All were perfect.

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I’ve bought quite a few flashlights from Gearbest. They always worked.

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i bought a lot things from gearbest, they are usually good stuf. i do not say no for a gift. thanks

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I really like the gearbest customer service because when you have an issue (that almost never happen) they dedicate time to solve your problem

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My T1 lamp was just ordered last night from GB.

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After probably…say more than a hundred Facepalm …orders from GearBest, maybe I could try out my luck?

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I have been a GearBest customer for a few years now every since finding the BLF, and not for only flashlights


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Let’s see… What I have right now, on me, that was purchased from Gearbest…

Mobile phone (Ulefone), tablet (Onda), my belt, my 1*18650 powerbank, my pocket flashlight (Klarus XT2CR), one of my keychain flashlights (Nitecore Tini).

So without Gearbest, my pants would be on the floor, I could fall into a dark hole at night and I wouldn’t be able to call someone for help… Big Smile

Thank you Gearbest, a happy customer Beer

And, count me in!

Let a flooder be my wife and a thrower be my mistress

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Never had any issues with Gear best, count me in!

Find all my reviews of flashlights and more gear at

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