Nitefox ES10, a heavy SS light

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Nitefox ES10, a heavy SS light

I got an ES10 to review (not paid). The purpose of this flashlight is very clear. It is designed to be a durable device used for camping and heavy duty (toolbox) usage. Its a hefty boy, its very heavy and feels very significant. When I feel something this heavyweight, I do not expect it to have moonlight mode, and indeed it does not. It has 3 modes, Hi, low, and strobe with a 3 second memory mode. I think this is a good tool to have in a toolbox or camping gear (as long as you do not use alkaline batteries which can leak). The tint is neutral and very pleasant to look at. It won't make you think "I can't believe its not Nichia" but it isn't a problem for me unless I compare them. The brightness of the light washes out the color a bit, but using it for distance is very pleasant. The low mode does have PWM in video, but in person it isn't visible to me.

I was unable to take off the clip with the included tool, and I think it would make a great deal of sense to not have the extra clip or the allen wrench because it didn't work for me. I didn't mind it because it just works. The head seems to be very tight, so I am unable to open it up (may have threadlock). The additional lobster claw clip is a welcome addition, although with the heavy weight I do not see anyone using it on their keychains (unless its temporarily). The heavy metal switch is lovely, it feels very signifiant and extremely pleasant to press. If you don't want to press it, you can easily keep the switch on and use it as a twisting light. The weight of the light and the well cut threads do feel very nice to either twist or press. It can easily be used one handed. I dunked it in a cup of water and left it there for about 10 minute with it on. No water seeped into it.


If I were to compare the feel of the flashlight, it would be a larger BLF 348. If it had a nichia LED, I would call it a a BLF-348 2. The included case and the accessories make it feel like a very nice gift for someone who wants a simpler light without moonlight. However, as an EDC I found the H-M-strobe not suitible for my uses, which is why I think it works very well as a backup, the included plastic diffuser works well for softening the light, but I would have preferred lower modes.


I like the light. I think it works well as a toolbox light or a flashlight in camping gear. It may be too heavy for EDC, but some may like the heaviness because it is reassuring. I would like it more if it had this grouping:

moon, 10 lm, 50lm, 180lm, double click rapidly for high with no mode memory.


Its very similar to a flashlight that is shaped the same and designed to get you thru the nite. Wink What would make this better than the light would be the mode grouping I suggested, and a similar pricing. If uncolored aluminum was used instead, and it retained a metal switch I would undoubtedly choose this light over the thrunite. Nitefox is a new brand so growing pains are part of every new company. Because they focus on camping, I may not be the audience for this light. Strobe unfortunately doesn't seem to work very well for disorienting animals from my experience and I prefer not to have it at all, and if even if it did it should work with a quick double/triple click to get to it faster instead of cycling through to it every time, since you will likely want it immediately rather than cycling through.



+ Feel and quality

+ Can be twist or button, the button feels AMAZING

+ Neutral tint

+ Accessories 

+ Water resistance



~Shape of head, its smaller than the body




-UI, High, Medium, Strobe



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