Using "Stylish" browser extension? Beware ...

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Using "Stylish" browser extension? Beware ...

Hat tip to Soylent News. I and others here have been using Stylish to adjust what we see (nighttime brightness, overly verbose .signature files, and such). Well, it’s gone corrupt:


| Browser Extension “Stylish” Now Steals Browsing History | from the good-extensions-gone-bad dept. | posted by Fnord666 on Thursday July 05, @01:02 (Techonomics)


[0]canopic jug writes:

The web browser extension [1]“Stylish” steals all your browsing history. The change happened after the project had been sold several times and the latest set of owners have supplemented the otherwise very useful code with surveillance capabilities start around January 2017. Currently it aggregates profiles on its users based on their complete browsing activities. The extension’s user base had been about 2 million prior to this news.

Before it became a covert surveillance tool disguised as an outstanding browser extension, Stylish really was an outstanding browser extension. […] Unfortunately, since January 2017, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website that I and its 2 million other users visit.

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[Both Google and Mozilla have blocked Stylish as an extension at this point. An alternative extension [4]Stylus was created from the last known version of the extension from the original author. -Ed]

Earlier on SN: [5]Stylish and Having Corruption Issues (2016)


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oh, thanks for sharing. this is good to know.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I moved over to Stylus. Gotta have my BLF Dark theme. Smile

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thanks for the heads up.

i uninstalled Stylish then install “Dark Reader”. It works like a charm Smile

Nico -.-