[Review] Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 HI, 26650, 2000lm, 184500cd, TypeC - by Lock

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[Review] Lumintop ODL20C XHP35 HI, 26650, 2000lm, 184500cd, TypeC - by Lock

Hi guys...today we will see one of the last flashlight born at the Lumintop house, sent to me specifically for the review. Let's talk about the Lumintop ODL20C: a powerful and compact light, equipped with LED XHP35, powered by a 26650 battery and with a maximum output of a good 2000 lumens to the Turbo.

Lumintop provided this coupon:

15% discount code for orders with ODL20C: M3GYEEUF24VB
The code is valid until Sept. 7th



Packaging and content:

The ODL20C arrives in a sturdy and well-made cardboard box. Inside the package we find

  • The light ODL20C
  • TypeC Cable
  • Laynard
  • 2x Spare O-rings
  • Manual of instructions
  • Warranty card

The battery is usually not included in the package but Lumintop kindly sent me a 26650 specifically for the review.



  • Utilizes Cree XHP35 HI LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by one 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • High efficiency circuit with a max runtime up to 9 days
  • Smooth aluminous alloy reflector and spotlight design, max 860 meters beam distance
  • 5 output levels plus Strobe, SOS and Beacon with a max output of 2000 lumens
  • Humanized breathing light inside the switch, indicates the light location in the dark
  • Durable USB Type-C charging with 2A max charging current, 3 hours to fully charged a 5000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Red and blue charging indicator visually shows the charging conditions
  • Size: 151*59*35mm, Net weight: 300g (excluding battery)
  • One side switch operation within one hand control
  • Lock-out function prevents accidental activation
  • Enhance cooling fins ensure a comfortable holding
  • Low voltage indicator reminds to change or charge the battery in time
  • Flat tail cap with tail standing ability to serve as a candle
  • Toughened and ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish on the surface
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 standard, 2 meters underwater (ensure the waterproof cover is in sealed condition)
  • 5 years free repair, limited lifetime warranty


  • Emitter: Cree XHP35 HI
  • Max Output: 2000 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance: 860 m
  • Beam Intensity: 184500cd
  • Max Runtime: 9 days
  • Battery: 1x26650
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V
  • Modes: 5 Normal + 3 Special (Strobo/SOS/Beacon)
  • Waterproof: IP68 (2m)
  • Impact Resistance: 1.5m Measured size and weight
  • Lenght: 147 mm
  • Head Diameter: 59 mm
  • Body Diameter: 35 mm
  • Weight: 300 g (without battery) and ~395 g (with battery)

Output levels and Runtime

Turbo Level: 2000 lm (measured 1950 lm) – 2h

High Level: 1000 lm (measured 1077 lm) – 2h30min

Mid Level: 350 lm (measured 377 lm) – 6h5min

Low Level: 100 lm (measured 115 lm) – 22h55min

Eco Level: 8 lm (measured 14 lm) – 9days

Strobo/SOS/Beacon Levels: 2000 lm

The measured values are to be considered peak, taken in the moments immediately following the switch-on. Furthermore, all measures are made with non-professional tools and may therefore also be deviating from the real values.


Turbo Level (Real Output) - 22°C - No cooling – ICR 26650 5000mAh


Turbo Level (Relative Output) - 22°C - No cooling – ICR 26650 5000mAh


Body and the materials

The Lumintop ODL20C is a powerful shooting light in the 26650 format, particularly compact and massive

Lumintop provided a 5000mAh ICR chemistry cell for review purposes. Alternatively, the light can also be supplied by the common 18650 high drain provided that special adapters are used to prevent the cell from moving.

The ODL20C has a wide and deep reflector that gives it shooting characteristics: Lumintop declares 184500cd.

I find a great resemblance to the Utorch UT02 even though lines are slightly different.

In the hand it is comfortable and holds well and gives a good feeling of strength and solidity, as well as excellent workmanship. The materials are abundant in every point, the particular workmanship and the particular design make it very appealing and aesthetically intriguing.

The reflector is smooth and in aluminum alloy. Below it you can see the LED, the XHP35 High Intensity (decupulate)

Thanks to the wide and deep dissipation fins, during use at high levels and to the Turbo, the light manages to dissipate the heat produced very well. The thermal regulation system also prevents the light from reaching too high temperatures which could damage the LED, battery and circuit. So, if the heat exceeds 55 °, the output will be reduced automatically. In these conditions it is always possible to access the Turbo or high levels if necessary.

The ODL20C can be essentially divided into three parts: the head, the central body and the tailcap. The head is the heart of the light, here we find the charging system via USB Type-C (finally!!!) and the power button to interact with the interface.

The USB Type-C port allows you to quickly and quickly charge the 26650 battery, it takes more than 4-5 hours for a full charge and a suitable power supply and the appropriate wattage. Tested using a USB tester, I found that the charging system absorbs a good 1.8A with a low battery. The USB Type-C port is covered by a not very thick rubber stopper. In my opinion it could be done a little better. A protruding tongue helps in the opening operations but sometimes, even during the simple use in the hand, or for example extracting the light from the holster or the pocket, the door cap opens accidentally. It does not convince me much, it opens too easily and in reality it seems that it does not have much hold.

The head has two series of dissipation fins, well made and very deep. They allow to dissipate the heat produced by the LED at high levels very efficiently. Moreover, aesthetically, they give a touch of personality.

The black Bezel protects the lens optimally. The lens has anti-reflective treatment, it seems to have a thick thickness and looks good. Lumintop declares a transparency of 99%.

The reflector is very deep and large (with purely shooting characteristics) is smooth and mirror polished. At the center is visible the XHP35 HI led well centered by a centraled black.

The side button allows you to control the entire interface thanks to the intelligent UI. It is made of plastic, surrounded by a steel bezel ring, slightly protruding, very precise, offers excellent tactile feedback and at the pressure it makes a nice “click”.

Under the power button there is also a "breath" LED which acts, by means of a fading, from the Locator. In addition, the LED indicator is activated during the battery charging phase or if the cell voltage drops below the 3V threshold. The central body has a beautiful work with a particular design that we see in detail in the following photos.

The anodization is well done, perfect on the whole body.

The threads of the central body are anodized on both sides and allow the physical lock-out. They come well lubricated, they are very precise and flowing. In the final parts of the thread there is an O-ring which prevents water from entering the light

The Tailcap is flat and allows the use of the flashlight in the tailstand. Presents a squared processing that helps in the grip. Also there is a small ring for inserting the laynard.

At the negative pole we have a double plated spring, while at the positive pole we have a golden tongue equal to that seen on ODF30. A rubber ring, which does not guarantee protection against polarity inversion, allows instead to adjust the battery pressure on the tongue. Both flat and top button batteries can be used.

The lettering is really minimal but still well done. We find it only in the head with the company logo (a bunny), the word "Lumintop" and the model "ODL20C".

Lumintop declares the water resistance up to 2m depth (IP68) and a resistance to impact from falls of 1.5m. Tested in running water for about ten minutes, it has not been affected by any infiltration.

In your hand the ODL20C is very comfortable, you hold it well, the button is easily traceable even in full darkness and using gloves. Small note: When we insert the battery and screw the tailcap, the Micro USB Type-C port, due to the internal pressure that is created, will magically open. We must therefore pay attention to this small detail in addition to the correct insertion of the battery.


User Interface

The UI is simple and totally controllable by means of the side button on the light head. We have 4 General levels (Eco, Low, Med, High) and 3 Special levels (Turbo, Strobe and Eco). The Eco level and the three special ones are "hidden" and reachable through appropriate shortcuts.

  • ON/OFF: Single click for on, another click to cycle through Low-Med- High (with memory), press and hold the switch for 1 second to turn off.
  • Turbo: With the light on, quick double clicks to enter Turbo, another click will return to previous general output level. Flash: Under Eco, quick double clicks to enter Strobe, another click will cycle through Strobe-SOS-Beacon.
  • Eco: When the light is off, press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to enter, another press will cycle through Low-Med-High.
  • Breathing mode: Under Eco, press and hold the switch for 4 seconds to enter. The breathing light inside the switch will blink slowly alternately. Another press will back to Eco mode.
  • Lock-out function: When the light is off, press and hold the switch for 4 seconds till High to enter, loosen the tail cap to unlock. Under lock-out statues, the light can only lighten up on Low until released the switch.

Low Battery Reminder

When the battery voltage is in low condition, the indicator inside the switch will flash to remind you to replace or to charge the battery immediately.


Intelligent Temperature Control Protection

When the temperature is above 55 degrees detected on Turbo or High, the light will automatically decrease its output to prevent over-heat and ensure a comfortable using experience. You can reset it manually if needed


Beam, Tint and Beamshots

The beam of the ODL20 was designed to get far. It has a very bright and very narrow spot and illuminate at 200-300 meters per day is not a problem, the power is there and the optical compartment too! Lumintop declares 184500cd and 860m of maximum shooting. Comparing the ODL20 with the UT02 I can state that the two beams coincide perfectly in terms of geometry. The Lumintop unlike the Utorch, however, pushes a little more on the output.

The ODL20 tint is cold around 6000K, uniform over the whole beam, does not have any particular color changes or artifacts. Despite being a Cool White it is very pleasant

Beamshot #1

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Turbo Level

Beamshot #2

Low Level

Mid Level

High Level

Turbo Level


Dimensional comparison with other lights in my possession

Final Considerations

Finally we start to see on our beloved lights the USB Type-C port for fast charging. This is one of the news at Lumintop. Thanks to it, in a few hours, you can fully recharge a 26650 battery. Among the things that I liked most about this model we have:

  • Quality materials, abundant thicknesses and perfect finishes
  • Designed design, elegant and captivating flashlight
  • Led XHP35 HI to give the light greater shot
  • Integrated Type-C

The things to improve are the fact of having a rubber cap that I think is not very robust, not very rigid and that does not seem to protect the Type-C port optimally (although it is good to say that in my water tests I did not find any infiltration problem). Moreover, by screwing the tailcap, due to the increase in internal pressure, the cap covering the Type-C will open, so we must also pay attention to this.

There is no polarity inversion control mechanism, neither an electronic one (from what Lumintop has told me) nor a mechanical one, so one must always be careful about how the battery will be inserted.

The product is of high quality, well done and I certainly would not hesitate to recommend it.

What do you think about it?...

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Ciao mi chiamo Roberto!

Thanks for the review. This is very similar to my Thrunite CATvn V6. Both very nice powerful lights that easily fit in ones hand!

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Ciao Roberto...grazie per aver letto la review.. <img src= " />

it also seems that they have similar characteristics 

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Nice light, nice review.

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Excellent review on an amazing light.

Thanks for the time and thought you put into the review, pics and beamshots!

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Great Review love the photography. Amazing beam shots Well done! Thumbs Up

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Excellent review!! . Thumbs Up I received mine yesterday & I love it.

The fit n’ finish is perfect & it operates flawlessly.

Thank you for your review, great pictures, & beamshots. Smile

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Excellent review, thanks for sharing

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Great review!
I would also be interested in a side by side v6 comparison.

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Keeppower 6000mah 26650 be okay to run in this light ? Thanks.

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Thats what I use, does the job well.

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Just purchased this light. What a thrower! However whenever i try to charge through the USB c input the led indicator blinks red as opposed to constant red light as per the manual. Is that normal? or am i doing something wrong? i noticed if i turned on the light when its charging it`ll enter low mode, then the indicator changes to constant on for awhile. turned it off and will later change to blinking again. cant find anything on the net regarding this issue. anyone experience something similar?