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Thanks for suggestions above, I will write a rule soon.

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Impressive collection! Thumbs Up Extremely generous of you to do such a giveaway. I like the idea of not excluding newer members, as long as they joined before your post. People newer to the hobby may appreciate winning more than those who already have dozens of lights.

I look forward to seeing your rules for the giveaway.



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Bruce, first of all, is very generous of you to be a recent member and start with such a massive Giveaway!! Crown

I am running a giveaway currently and have defined my rules. I will not write the whole text here, so I leave the link for my “rules” here:

I guess you can define some things if you want (some were mentioned above)
- starting date and end date for the GAW
- number of posts for the members to participate (or not)
- registry date that can be elegible (when the members made they register on BLF)
- special rules (some where mentioned above: making funny posts to say “I’m In”; the members that win your lights have to make a GAW too; members have to make a review of the light; ….and much more)
- shipping costs (if applicable)

These are some things, take it as suggestions Wink I do hope to see your own made flashlights being discussed soon here in the forum!!! Beer

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you don’t need a give away, you need rehab.

kidding aside, that’s some serious philanthropy, to make it shine the most, I urge you to consider give it away something for every region, then after every region had been impacted by your good deed (people will pay it forward), consider density of population.

what i mean is for example, give 1 light to asia, 1 light to europe, 1 light to n. america, and so forth, after every region had been met, you should then consider density of the contestent, such as major city, new york, shanghai, etc, major cities will get 2x or 3x the winning. finally, if you still have anything left, make sure you give one to me.

I am from USA, SF bay area. I here by declare if I get anything, I will pass on your good deed by at least 2 fold.

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the GAW started, join and good luck!

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great giveaway, many thanks!

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Thanks for GAW. Wink

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look at all those flashlights Shocked

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