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JasonWW wrote:
teacher wrote:
Tue, 07/10/2018 – 01:35 in post #5 M4D M4X wrote:

we have less than 30 hours to choose

maybe on other lights we can be involved in an early design process…..

….but not here Wink

It is now Wednesday 11 July 2018 02:25

The ‘poll’ has 72 Total votes.

  • A – 93% (67 votes)
  • B – . 7% (5 votes)

Call it a wrap & lets get these puppies shipped…… Thumbs Up

I am still hoping they can put the “GT mini” under the “Lumintop” leaving 3 sides blank.
Yep…. I really don’t care what they do…. as long as it looks professional & they just do it.
No need for this to get bogged down in a multi week ‘BLF opinion fest’. Big Smile

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Agreed. I, honestly don’t care which is used or if it comes with no logo or just the lumintop.

I picked the one I preferred of the two, to expedite the process, but would have chosen no logo if possible.

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Is there a picture of the final lamp?

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joechina wrote:
Is there a picture of the final lamp?

Lamp yes, logo no.

Talk of the prototype light is here.

The group buy is here.

My Convoy L6 thread with XHP70.2, Texas Avenger FET driver, Narsil v1.2 ramping firmware (old), lighted side switch and cut down SMO reflector. Lots of amp draws on stock driver as well. 

My Supfire L5-S thread with XHP70.2, 26350 cells (4,100 lumen!), Texas Avenger FET driver, NarsilM v1.0 ramping firmware and lighted side switch. My mini L6! 

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I just want mine to have the text laid out in tritium vials.



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two more of those beauty shots Wink

but this is my favorite:

find all available items in this list

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