Nitecore NU30 short review

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Nitecore NU30 short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (with google translator in lower left corner)
In this review, I tried the Nitecore NU30 multi-function headlamp.

Brand: Nitecore
Model: NU30
Emitter : Cree XP-G2 S3 main LED, red and CRI LED manufacturer is unknown
Number of LED’s: 5 (Main LED, CRI LED x 2, RED LED x 2)
Luminous Flux: 400LM
Switch: Two electronic switches
Battery: internl 1800mAh Li-ion
Modes: 9 (!!!)
Rechargeable: Yes
Waterproof: IP67
Impact resistant: 1,5m

This model comes in carton packing. The quality feeling is fine.

Includes headband, USB – micro USB charging cable and user manual.

Factory-fitted, can not be disassembled. The battery is not removable.

There are two switches at the top. One is marked “R”, the other is the standby symbol. Press the switch R to turn on the red light, which is fixed to the brightness and can not be adjusted. Another click on the button is the red light flashing. Third click turns off the light. Used for more than 3 seconds in any mode, one click is turned off and will not enter the next mode.

The other button functions a lot. Turns on with a short click on low brightness. Another click and go for medium, new clicks and high brightness. Turns off at fourth click. Here is also the rule of three seconds. If the light is on, holding down the key for 1 second will activate the turbo mode. The turbo mode has a 30 second time limit.

When the headlamp is switched off, pressing the standby button for 1 second will switch on the CRI light. Another click and turn off the CRI light. The main LED and the CRI LED can not illuminate at the same time. You can switch between the two only by switching off. Red light can not illuminate with CRI light. When the CRI light is on and the red light is on, the CRI light will automatically turn off. Red light operates in both modes while the main LED is on.

You can also activate the two special flash modes with the standby button. Pressing the button on the headlamp off for three seconds will first turn on the CRI LED, then turn off and change the main LED SOS blinking. Clicking within three seconds to change location beacon mode. Pressing the button off after three seconds will turn off the headlamp.

Charging the built-in battery can be via a micro USB connector. While charging, the red light under the buttons light up. When you have finished, the green light is lit. The charging current was 0.68A.

Since it is fully assembled it can not be disassembled. The plastic plate on the back can be used to adjust the angle of the headlamp. Tilt from a vertical position at an angle of 20, 40 and 60 degrees.
Let’s look at the beamshot indoors:

And outdoor:

It has a good light compared to the small size Smile

I think a very nice headlight for general use. I do not recommend hiking, but it can be very useful around a house as a general purpose headlamp.
Can be purchased at a good price:

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what is the light on the right (L shape)?

you have link?

Nico -.-

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Nitenumen H01.

I do not think they are manufactured anymore, but it was a nice headlight.