Recommendation for a replacement

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Recommendation for a replacement

Hello, I had a flashlight that I loved (XinTD SC-82 V5) that was recently stolen from me and i’m now looking for a replacement. Tried to find another one online, but I guess they stopped making em or something. Anyway, I’m looking for something similar. So far what ive come up with is the Convoy C8 Flashlight XP-L HI V2 1A and for the batteries im looking at the Panasonic NCR18650B Protected 3400mAh. Just looking for a decent all-round general purpose light. Not sure if my old batteries were protected or not, but am I correct in assuming that my old charger should work fine? Looking forward in seeing what you guys recommend. Thanks in advance!

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I’ll chime in.

Hello Swoop.

You may not realize it but you’ve started one of the most dangerous threads possible on this forum. Asking flashlight fans their opinions. (maybe that’s why no one has responded yet. We know what this road looks like)

The C8 form factor is very popular with many new variations coming out since you got your XinTD. The Convoy you mention is definitely one of top quality ones.

If your goal is a general purpose light you may want to avoid the XPL-Hi led as it is designed to be more of a “thrower”. A more focused beam for distance with less spill. A light with a regular XPL or XML2 might be more what you are looking for.

For general purpose use in the C8 form factor I’d say check out the Thorfire C8S, the Sofirn C8A, or a Convoy (non Xpl-hi version). All these brands are available from multiple online retailers (amazon, banggood, aliexpress, gearbest, etc). They are also often sold as a kit with battery and charger (usually cheaper than buying separate)

Good luck.

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decent all-round general purpose light

So, NOT a thrower then? Why focus on the C8 form factor that has a swollen head for a thrower biased reflector?

Just get a tube light that has a nice range of outputs and good mix of flood and throw, like an S2+ or BLF A6/ Astrolux S1
Recent offerings from Sofirn in this category are receiving high praise as well.
Many other options to choose from if you are more specific in your requirements.

Beam me up!

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i have the astrolux s1 and i got my dad the astrolux c8, and i wouldn't use the c8 for daily use but would the s1, its much easier to carry with the smaller head and it lights up a bigger area closer compared to the c8. Both have the blf driver and both are set to 4 mode, the user interface is simple and strobe is hidden since i never use it. The battery i bought us both are samsung 30Q flat tops and last a while, which i mainly use the light up close on medium.

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If you like the C8 design you might want to try the jaxman M8, or “mini C8”. With an XPL HI emitter it should perform the same as your XinTD XM-L in a much more compact package. Build quality is great and just as pocketable as a tube light.

NCR18650B are decent cells but there are better options, such as Sanyo 18650GA 3,500mAh or the cheaper Samsung 30Q 3,000mAh. I would get either of these instead of the Panasonic.

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Convoy M1 or Convoy M2 with a nice XML2 T6-4C makes a very nice neutral to warm white allrounder, unless you are more a Cool white type, then the U2-1A tint is the way to go

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