Review: Fitorch EC10, 700 lumens with 14500 battery

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Review: Fitorch EC10, 700 lumens with 14500 battery

Fitorch EC10 is a mini, compact tri-output, strobe and SOS flashlight with a stunning 700 lumens maximum output from Fitorch. It’s also ideal for everyday-carry, outdoor activity, book reading, or anything else, just name it.

I received a sample product from Fitorch directly for reviewing purpose. Here’s the packaging of Fitorch EC10, nice and square.



The contents of the package are as following:

Package contents:

  • Flashlight
  • Nylon holster
  • Lanyard
  • Spare O ring & rubber switch cover
  • 14500 battery with built in charging feature (using micro USB port)


Factory Specification:

Input DC 0.8V-4.2V
Output max 700 lumen
Reflector precise metal filmed
Glass filmed mineral glass
Material HA-III military hard-anodized finish aluminum alloy
Housing Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish of black
Switch position Tailcap
Powered 1*14500 or 1*AA
Size Ø 0.73 inch/18.5mm, Length: 3.94 inch/100mm
Weight 1.19 Ounces/33.8g(exclude battery)


Fitorch EC10 Overview

My first hand-on impression was it felt smaller than any other AA/14500 flashlights. But I was wrong, it is not smaller than other AA flashlights but it’s slightly longer, which makes my perception biased.

Here’s a size comparation to ReyLight Pineapple, Revtronix T1A, and an AA eneloop battery.

Its body has nice round knurling which is sleek and comfortable on my hand. The anodizing look  great with strong black finish.

The clip’s looked flimsy but it still do the job, detachable but can’t be reversed.

To achieve 700 lumens output, Fitorch puts an XP-L LED inside a smooth reflector. Stainless steel bezel protects the coated and tempered glass from any damage if any impact is occurred.

It has five brightness level and wiil always start from high mode (no memory). The sequence are high – medium – low – strobe – SOS. I wish I can hide the strobe and SOS mode but it’s not possible.

Upon disassembling the body, I found that the springs and metal contacts are pretty decent: gold plated and sturdy.

It also has an anti reverse polarity protection just in case the battery is inserted in the wrong direction.

The battery included is also a surprise. It has built-in charging feature, just plug a micro USB cord into it and all are set. No charger needed.

Other than included 14500 battery, Fitorch EC10 also works with any AA or 14500 format batteries. You might need to pull the spring with plier, but it will work.

With the included battery, Fitorch EC10 works flawlessly.


Operating Fitorch EC10

Fitorch EC10 has a tactical forward clickie switch and operating the flashlight is very easy. Just click and it will always starts on high mode and then goes to medium, low, strobe, and SOS. No hidden modes.

An advantage of having tactical switch is that we can press the button momentarily, either to access high mode or to select mode before clicking it.

Unfortunately, the switch button is a little too deep. I must push deep to be able to click it and sometime it makes the thumb uncomfortable.

Should Fitorch make the switch a bit higher, it will be a great flashlight for both EDC and tactical purpose.


Fitorch EC10 Beamshots

I can tell that despite the flashlight is made in a small form factor (size) but the output is amazingly bright.

Following beamshot comparison photos are taken in manual mode using Pentax Q (0,5 sec; f/1,9; ISO 400), Distance from camera and flashlight to electrical pole is roughly 60 meters.

Control shot:

High mode:

Medium mode:

Low mode:



Fitorch EC10 is a bright flashlight in a small form factor/size. It’s ideal for everyday carry and tactical purpose, thanks to the decent build quality. Over all performance is good and recommended if you can live with strobe & SOS mode.


  • Small
  • Very bright
  • Decent build quality
  • Battery with built-in charging capability
  • Easy to use


  • Strobe & SOS mode can’t be hidden
  • Button of the switch is a bit too deep
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I’ve got a different reaction.

If a light has to use this sort of 3-mode setup with flashy modes, it’s not just that they should be hidden, but also starting on high blinds you and even if you cover it until you get to low you might miss and hit strobe and blind yourself that way. If you’re going to do it, have LMH instead. If you’ve got no mode memory and HML-Strobe, you’re constantly going to have to deal with this. Plus at 700 lumens, I really want more than 3 modes, and especially for a small edc-ish light, I want a moonlight mode; 30 lumens is quite a lot. The stepdown says it’s timed, and after 3 minutes on high no matter what temperature it’s at the light steps down to 50%. Of course it’s only an xpl rather than 219c or something nicer but that’s actually minor on this light compared to the rest of the issues. It’s nice to have the nimh/lion options. I don’t think it’s worth much though.

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I agree with most of the above.

I would not buy this light, and not recommend it for EDC for the following reasons:-

An EDC light should not go straight to turbo, it makes the other modes useless as your night vision is now destroyed.
Strobe should always be hidden, 99% of the time it is just an annoyance. Better left off an EDC light completely.
An EDC 14500 light should be able to take any AA battery without modification, other than size that is the only reason to go 14500 rather than 18650.

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