[Review] - MecArmy X7S - Light 130 lumen 10180 USB + Lighter + Waterlight Capsules - by Lock

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[Review] - MecArmy X7S - Light 130 lumen 10180 USB + Lighter + Waterlight Capsules - by Lock

Hi guys, with this review today we will see the MecArmy X7S kit sent to me by MecArmy for the review



Packaging and Content

The MecArmy X7S Kit arrives in a well made and really elegant cardboard box. Well in view of the golden logos on a black background.

After removing the first card and after opening the box, inside we find, arranged neatly:

  • Lighter
  • X2S Flashlight
  • Waterlight capsules
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Spare O-rings
  • Insulation discs for battery lock-out
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card


Main features:

  • Patented EDC Capsule Flashlight and Lighter kit
  • Mini and match flexibility allows you to create a keyring or penlight sized flashlight; a mini or pocket sized lighter,and a single or double pill box/ battery capsule
  • Flashlight utilizes CREE XP-G2 LED, max output up to 130 lumens
  • Powered by 10180 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Max runtime up to 6 hours
  • High & Low lighting modes
  • Head twist switch
  • Micro USB recharging with indicator
  • Tail stand capability with keyring attachment point
  • Micro liquid fuel (gasoline/ petrol) lighter, with pocket clip
  • Capsule can be used in one or two sized storage spaces
  • Capsule for storage pills or 10180 battery
  • CNC precision machining
  • Anti-corrosion and high hardness
  • IPX8 water resistant

Manufacturer's specifications 


Max output: 130 lumens

Max Run Time: 6h

Max Beam Distance: 59m

Max Beam Intensity: 910cd

Battery: 10180 Li-ion 100mAh


Dimensions and weight of the various configurations:


Body and Materials

The MecArmy X7S Kit can be defined as a "flashlighter" from the union of flashlight and lighter. In fact it consists of a flashlight, a lighter and a series of capsules.

The kit consists of 8 parts

All the parts can be assembled and assembled at will to obtain up to 8 different configurations.

The lighter consists of a lid with clips, a central part and a capsule.

The lighter comes with an empty tank. To recharge it, it is very simple just unscrew the cover, extract the tank and insert the fuel. MecArmy recommends the use of high quality lighters and flint fuels.

The tiny light is powered by a tiny 100mAh 10180 battery. Before use it is necessary to remove the plastic disc which avoids contact of the battery.

To recharge the flashlight, simply unscrew the head counterclockwise until you uncover the micro USB port and connect it, using the cable supplied, for example to a powerbank or smartphone power supply.

The input of the circuit accepts 5V and absorbs 130mAh so a complete recharge of 100mAh 10180 cell will take about an hour to complete. A very small status LED indicates the charging status: Red (charging) and green (charging completed). Two different output levels are available: High and Low respectively 130 (0.5h) and 8 lumens (6h). For change the outpul levels there are no buttons but just lightly screw the head. When the head is completely screwed up we will be on the High level, by unscrewing it a little it will pass to the Low level, continuing to unscrew it the light will switch off. Continuing to unscrew, you will discover the micro USB port.

the threads of all the parts are extremely precise and flowing, really well done.

Each thread has its O-ring: in total we have 6 and as many spare parts. The materials are of quality and the feeling in hand is absolutely robust. Aesthetically, the various parts are very accurate in every detail and do not report any kind of imperfection.

Here is a picture that shows all the different parts of the kit

The single capsule is very small and allows a 10180 battery to be kept in its interior by protecting it from water.

The clip in the lighter lid is of good quality and offers a good grip.

The head of the light as well as the body of the capsules have horizontal milling. The light body also has vertical milling. The bezel instead is worked with small grooves.

At the positive pole we have a small spring that makes contact with the battery.

The reflector is small and shallow

The lettering is really well done without any smudging or imperfection: we find the writing MecArmy on the head of the light, on the two capsules and on the clip of the lighter.

Here are some examples of possible configuration: Lighter + 2 capsules

Lighter + Light + Capsule


Runtime and Output

As we said the MecArmy X2S flashlight included in the X7S kit has only two levels of brightness possible.

MecArmy declares 8 lumens for the low level and 130 for the high level. From my measurements the values were almost in line with what was declared, in fact in the low mode I measured an output of 10 lumens while in the high mode about 120 lumens.


MecArmy X2S High Level (Real Output) – 10180 100mAh – Uncooling


MecArmy X2S High Level (Relative Output) – 10180 100mAh – Uncooling


Beam, Tint e Beamshots

The tint is a Cool, the 180 lumens of the high level allow you to illuminate well with a full battery even 20 meters away. The beam is very wide and obviously very comfortable for close distances. The 8 lumens of the Low level allow for example the reading in full darkness and use for the very short distance, or as a courtesy light. Here are some beamshot and wallshot


Beamshot #1


Low Level

High Level


Beamshot #2


Low level

High Level


Beamshot #3


Low Level

High level


Beamshot #4


Low Level

High Level


Final considerations

The MecArmy X7S Kit is a quality and very tasty product. The materials are excellent, everything works well and there is no kind of imperfection. The workmanship and finishes are impeccable and I personally find it very elegant and beautiful aesthetically.

But the X7S is not only a good product but also a useful and functional kit: we have a light with 130 lumens at the high level with a decent autonomy of about half an hour and 8 lumens at the low level with a runtime of about 6 hours . We have a liquid fuel lighter and two watertight capsules to keep dry matches, fire baits, 10180 backup batteries, pills, etc. Everything is made of solid CNC 304 stainless steel with IPX8 water resistance.

The most interesting aspect of the X7S is that it has a modular design that allows you to assemble all components in the configuration that best suits your needs. For example, you can keep separate capsules, light and lighter, or mount everything together and get a single object the length of a pen.

Surely I consider myself satisfied with this kit, to be recommended to all fans of this type of product.

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Thanks to lock for the nice review. I hope you don’t mind me doing a bit of comparative analysis here. MecArmy is a good brand. They didn’t invent the idea of tiny components that fit together, but they did a great job with their version of it. It looks like MecArmy followed in DQG footsteps. I have a DQG Hobi, Lighter, and some tube extensions, that all fit together like this kit. The Hobi has a small TIR and a 10180 Li-Ion cell and puts out about the same lumens as this MecArmy light. The lighter is smaller than MecArmy but about the same style. DQG also has capsules available, but I don’t own one.

What MecArmy really added was a bit a lot better aesthetics, an integral charger (DQG requires a separate charger) and a nice box to store all the components in. I think their lighter looks a bit nicer built too. So, the MecArmy kit would be an upgrade for sure. Plus, this MecArmy kit sells for a lot lower price than buying all the DQG components separately like I did. Overall, this kit looks to be a very good deal. I still wish I could find a few 10180 cells I could buy separately. I’m sure mine won’t last forever. If anybody knows of a shop that sells them for not too high price, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know!

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Very good review lock! Lots of good information and great pictures. Looks interesting but like DavidEF, I too have so much of the DQG stuff already. In fact, I have way too many 10180 lights! Cash They sure are addictive though!

I know countycomm.com sells the 10180 cells and fairly reasonable and they are here in the U.S.

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Thanks for the review. Nice pictures.
I like the modular design.
I have the DQG system too with the lighter and flashlight combined though I have the DQG Hobi Plus version which has a charger built in. I do prefer the slightly more compact linear design of that.
So this is available in stainless steel only? Polished or stonewashed.
An alu version would be good for people and a titanium version would be great depending on price.
130mA charge current might be a little high for the 10180 cells though.

10180 cells are hard to find now.
There is the Mecarmy 10180 on Going Gear
10180 on AliExpress A few sellers there.
Fenix 10180

I’m seeing prices of around £72 ($95) for the SS X7S from HK Equipment which is around £20 more than what I paid for my DQG titanium pieces.

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can’t wait to try out, Nice review and great work