When will BLF bring out their own Headlamp????

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Quadrupel wrote:
Whats what im talking! We have already plenty of good and expensive headlamps in market. Make it cheaper, name it BLF “NiteSkillZebraOlight” and sell it for 39$ ;)) Link for reference how to sell cra.. : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/biolite/biolite-headlamp-wildly-cap...

Love the 1st pic of the climber!!! headlamp, single tape, one crab and what looks like a 5m 6-7mm static rope…. NOT for the Camera at all!!! Jeez if they want to sell it then at least get it right!!!!

IPX4 rating WTFshlights with built in battery is once dead you can’t use till charged…. So when Nitecore brought out the Nu range that was a game changer for me due to their ability to run whilst charging… Now have the NU20 and 30 headlamps and love them…

This kickstarter headlamp looks and feels like they are cashing in on Hairy armpit and weirdy beard Numpties who like to use the word BIO or ECO when they talk and have very little knowledge about things out side of La La land……

On a side not does anyone know where to get the defusing stuff sac from?

Caving, Climbing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, Diving etc any time anywhere!!! If you in the UK let me know and lets Play!
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L4M4 wrote:
AEDe wrote:
I had never seen a good flashlight project at KS

You still haven’t Wink

I know . Furthermore I am sure that I will never see it)
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I resurect this thread to say the feature I really want in a headlamp is automatic stepless dimming from photocell feedback. As far as I know there are no good headlamps with that option. The only one I found with automatic dimming was only 300 lumens on max. No point in dimming that. The rest of the wishlist would be 21700 battery, quad xpl hi.

Put me on the group buy for several. Price irrelevant.