Luminus SST-20-W 6500 K CRI70 color and output test

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Luminus SST-20-W 6500 K CRI70 color and output test

I got this emitter from Kaidomain on a 20 mm MCPCB.

Mounted on a CPU heatsink with a nice splash of thermal paste and over the top 16 AWG wires.

Purchase link:

Data sheet.

Exact order and bin code: SST-20-WCS-A120-L2651 VK BA

SST-20=self explanatory
W=white LED
C=cool white
S=CRI 70
A=solder pad configuration (3.25 × 3.25 mm)
120=viewing angle, 120°
L2=flux bin rated at 85°C, 530-560 lm at 1500 mA
VK=forward voltage bin, 2.9-3.1 V at 1500 mA at 85°C
BA=tint bin, 6500-7000 K at the BBL

CRI data measured from the hotspot with a Reylight Pineapple OP reflector.

At 500 mA

At 1500 mA

At 3000 mA

At 6000 mA

The tint changes rapidly on lower currents, but after 1500 mA the change isn’t so sudden. My sample seemed to be perfect at about 3000-5000 mA. The tint gets progressively cooler above the peak at currents >7 amps. This was my only sample so I didn’t want to kill it.

Without a reflector straight on the output is very cool and purplish. Also, the tint shift is very strong. This LED has to be used with some sort of reflector or optics. Measured at the rated current of 1500 mA.

Beam tint tested with a variety of reflectors and optics.

Best results with regard to tint shift achieved with a small reflector and a beaded optics, which was to be expected. The larger SMO reflector was not bad at all so it’s very much possible to make a throwy light with the SST-20-W. The 5° clear Yajiamei optics produced the most artifacts/rings.

Output measured in a 50 cm integrating sphere

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Thanks for the test. The output performance looks to be very similar to the XGP2 S4 that djozz tested, but with much lower Vf. I think this will be a great option for single-cell triples or quads.

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Owe snap…..thank you. Tons of great info here. I wasnt around for the “good ole days of the xp-g2’s” but as for lumenss And lux goes, this out performs the current xp-g2 by a good margin.

Thank you maukka

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Thank you very much for the detailed review!