Acebeam Family Photo in 2018

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Acebeam Family Photo in 2018
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K75 Wink

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Info on that K75 please… Cash

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Nice, another GT killer.

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Now that “we” created the GT segment in the flashlight industry, it is time for the led manufacturers to jump in with a new single-die SST90 die-size and Black Flat luminance led for them (that is less inefficient and less costly than the CFT-90).

link to djozz tests 

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Acebeam H20 is missing SillyBig Smile
(or did I miss it on the photo? Flat Stare )

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I’m liking that front row the best Big Smile

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Just love such a family photos! Big Smile

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Found my new Christmas card photo.

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Thanks for the photo.

X65, for me, is still the King of best balance of power, throw and beam width. I agree that it is the King of Searchlight class.

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Wow that K75 looks wicked! 2MCD? I also want to see the X70 in action.

Where is the LEP WL20?

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K75 WHAT??? can someone explain haha

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