Surefire, Pelican, Streamlight

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Surefire, Pelican, Streamlight

Hey guys, I have some questions about these brands? How do they compare to Nitecore, Olight, Klarus, Fenix, etc…, Just curious. The prices on Surefire are quite high for some reason? Any feedback by owners? Please advise. Thanks.

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While I have a SF 6P, I got it on a 50% discount at Lowe’s, which was a good deal. I added a Redilast 1.5A 3 mode P60 to it and bought two Redilast 17670s, all for $75. Otherwise it’s now a pedestrian light.

I have two Streamlight Siege 3D lanterns and they’re nifty.

I only have a Pelican 1750 rifle case for my TRG-42.

Streamlights seem to be a good value in the flashlight game.


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Surefire meets some pretty tough durability test. It’s well past working 99% of the time. Go to war take a Surefire. Pelican has the newish 7070R that needs no contacts to recharge and a fairly bullet proof host. Streamlight is finally playing catch up. Streamlight does have the better prices with a quick google search on the product code numbers. From work experience Streamlight switch covers fail fast and are a pain to replace. Rubberized handles on Streamlight go a long way in lousy weather.

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They can’t compare performance-wise, but are designed to last a lifetime. I don’t plan to use my flashlights for more than a couple years when new emitters are available, so I don’t need extreme reliability.

Never owned a SF but I tried the sidekick, the Nitecore tip feels like a toy besides it.

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The fire department uses nothing but streamlight. They might not be the newest,greatest, bestest LEDs or drivers but they are just about bullet proof. When you have to run through hoops to get funding for anything you want it to last.

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Great information. I had interest in Surefire but man those are very expensive.

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Surefire has one of the best customer service out there. If anything fails, call them and they send a new one w/o cost. You don’t need to ship back the defective one.

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My only experience with Pelican are their wonderful cases. I have a 1520 and 1400 cases.

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I've handled a fair bit of the Stinger and ProTac series of Streamlights. They are not up to BLF standards for output, tint, UI, etc. That said, their warranty is great and the products are well-made. I'd take my Zebralight over any Streamlight though, if we're paying above Convoy prices.

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