Sofirn SF 13/Aliexpress

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Sofirn SF 13/Aliexpress
Smile VERY good experience! Extraordinarily fast shipping, especially since they say 15-39 days arrival time. By Slow Boat from China? I paid like $2.25 extra for tracking and insurance..anyway, I checked the box, but didn’t see it on my invoice, so??? Very good general tracking info.

I ordered the light based on what I read on the Forum…how good can it be for ~$14 USD? No idea yet, but it looks well-made, the modes are easy to access…except Strobe. Had it once, can’t find it again. O well, don’t have much use for it, except maybe calling in an air strike on a pesky neighbor… Facepalm No insructions in the box, but compared to my 4/7s 2AA Quark, the modes are simplicity itself to access, and well spaced. I leave my Quark where the Quark lady told me to when she talked me through the set-up…dim and brighter! I have considered epoxying it! Wink

Durability? Who knows? It will become clear eventually. TRULY a Budget light! Star Happy!

NOW: Trying to decide between the Nitecore MT 2 A and the Fenix LD22 The side switch doesn’t impress me much, it’s seems like just something to fail at an inopportune moment,.but according to a Forum member, it may not be as touchy, and unlikely to do something I don’t want to happen. Decisions, Decisions! I will take 2 of my “budget” lights to Hawaii with me, in case the unthinkable happens in Paradise, and they get stolen!

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It appears that the Sofirn SF13 is a 2 x AA pen light that has four modes (plus a hidden strobe) and mode memory. The mode memory is what kills it for me.

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Thank You! Smile

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Only 11bux now, acto the link.

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fast double click for strobe .

 one thing you'll notice is their emitters are still cool white but boardering on the top edge of NW .Side by side with a CW you'll notice that they're nuch nicer . I don't know if Sofirn stumbled into a better tint emitter or if they actually sought them out . they aren't a super tint but compared to most the garbage out there these days they are a welcome change .

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I got one of these on sale a few months back. I don’t use it much, nor did I expect to, but it’s a nice, bright, AA backup light. I’d prefer it not have mode memory, but it’s acceptable in this case.


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I posted my SF13 impressions here:

Useful comments from fellow members, too Thumbs Up