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d_t_a wrote:
I thought I read something about the Nichia 219B SW45K LED on the previous PL47 (gen 1) and the newer PL47 (gen 2), and I think it also affects the other newer “gen 2” flashlights like the ROT66 (gen 1 & gen 2, Nichia 219B SW45k).

I have the PL47 gen 1 (Nichia 219B SW45k R9080). Also purchased the PL47 gen 2 (Nichia 219B SW45k), but comparing beamshots of the 2, the PL47 gen 2’s Nichia 219B appears to have a slight bluish or purplish hue/tint? What could be the cause of that? I notice they use different TIR optic for gen 1 vs gen 2.

(Note: in the beamshots below, the 2 lights may not be set at exactly the same brightness levels.. ;
the PL47 gen 2 (right side) has a slight bluish/purplish tint that doesn’t appear present on the PL47 gen 1)

Left side is PL47 gen 1 (219B SW45K) ; Right side is PL47 gen 2 (219B SW45k)

Probably just slightly different binning (could also happen in damaged emitters but your shots don’t look out of the ordinary). Some have also speculated the Gen I ROT66 and PL47 actually had sw45 in some units instead of sw45k, the latter is more rosy.

My Gen I PL47 actually looked much rosier than other 219B lights I’ve had and the beamshots other owners posted of their PL47s too, but cameras often don’t match reality so who knows.

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Received mine w/ 219B from Banggood today, ordered on Nov. 1. The tracking they gave me was never scanned and was different than what was on the package. I used expedited UPS shipping to US. Tracking shows it shipped from Canada.

The tint on mine is very slightly blue/purple compared to my 219C 4000k lights, it makes them look yellow. I think the tint is pleasant but I haven’t used it outdoors yet. I don’t have any other 219B’s to compare to.

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im interested, never got an email.