"KDIY KS1" - Single mode, 400 Lm, 92 CRI, 5,7kK Nichia in a thick steel tube

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"KDIY KS1" - Single mode, 400 Lm, 92 CRI, 5,7kK Nichia in a thick steel tube

While looking around for an AA EDC, I happened across "this odd rod".

Single mode @400 Lm with a Nichia 219BT, 5700K & 92 CRI to make the cool tint well efficient and crisp instead of just bluish and unnatural.
Thick and heavy steel body, which should provide decent cooling capability, an OP reflector for smooth flood and a bit of throw, and a tail switch.
Driven by a 14500 or AA, "digital regulated" to 1,5A and 800mA respectively. (Although the other way 'round would seem more logical and provide about the same amount of juice regardless of cell type, but this doesn't seem probable, as 1,5A@3,6V would pretty much be required for those 400 Lm. And to reach the stated 2-3 hrs of runtime 800mA from an AA would be the only way. And perhaps my somewhat limited understanding of these things means that this wouldn't be practically feasible. Or would it be theoretically possible?)

Measuring 98 mm in length (3 7/8", or 3,86") and 20,8 mm in diameter (13/16", or 0,82") it is nearly as large as a slim 18650 light, and weighing in at 113 g (4 oz, or a ¼ lb), it is not something that I would like to EDC!.
 I really do like the looks of it, simple yet elegant. And the stout build and simple function should make it quite durable. Especially if it does keep cool as well!

So it's big & heavy and has a very limited functionality. Put a tough lanyard on it (I use fine chains) and you can swing it in self defence...
 It's also about $20, so there are lots of alternatives for as much or less, offering greater usability, portability & output.

But it is still kind of attractive in all its "clunkiness"!
 With AA batteries, it would make a good "Muggle torch": just under 150 Lm (my estimate) of fairly high K but also CRI light with an OP reflector should translate to something fairly pleasant and all round, not enough to blind you completely indoors and still enough to get around outdoors. And at a quarter pound of mostly stainless steel, it might just be able to handle those 400 Lm for the full half hour or so that a 14500 will run it for! Making it a good candidate even for a "high power" yet Muggle safe light.
 It could also fill several speciality needs, such as an "outhouse finder", a "yard surveyor", "dog locator" or what have you, at home beside the door, or as a "loaner" that won't go unnoticed in a pocket and desert you for your guest, and so on.

If nothing else, the driver might be changed for one with more modes... The AliEx store that sells it also carries a lot of components, making this option quite plausible.


Does anybody know anything about this light? Maybe even own one?

How realistic are the specs?
 The data sheet rates the emitter for 230 Lm @700mA (which should mean about 400 Lm @1,5A/3,6V), albeit with only 83 Ra (∼CRI), but there are several data sheets for various types of 219BT, so I may have looked at the wrong one. But on the whole they look fairly honest!

Other thoughts?



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Here it is on Kaidomain.com.
A bit cheaper.

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Kepling wrote:
Here it is on Kaidomain.com. A bit cheaper. KDIY-KS1-Stainless-Steel-Nichia-219BT

Despite that, it is the same store! Thumbs Up
If you pay for shipping from Kaidomain, it will probably cost the same Oops If not, from KD is cheaper Wink

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This light was already on my buy list for next month. I have a monthly budget and have already exhausted it for the this month. Smile I’ll be more than happy to report back on it when I get it. I would like to hear from someone who already has it though.

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I bought mine about 2.5yrs ago. Light is very nice to look at but SS tailcap button rattle sound quite annoying.