Anyone Have Th RovyVon Aurora A5? I Just Received Mine And Love It!

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Anyone Have Th RovyVon Aurora A5? I Just Received Mine And Love It!

First, let me say, this IS NOT a review! These are just my thoughts as I bought this with my OWN MONEY!

All the models of the RovyVon keychain lights are very cool but I had to try the Aurora A5. It has a translucent polymer body impregnated with glow material that glows in the dark and also has a side white reading light that the other models don’t have.

It also has a red LED in the side light that can be always on or changed to blinking and it is bright for such a tiny light. You also can order it with a UV light instead of the red but I went for the red.

This thing is pretty incredible for such a tiny light! RovyVon lists the high mode at 550 lumens and I would say it’s at least 500! You can access high immediately just by pressing the side activation button and when released, it turns off. Nice feature!

I have no experience with XP-G3 emitters but as a lot of people here don’t like them as with CW emitters they can have different tints and almost everyone here prefers NW or “warm”, (YUCK!), but I really like CW and this beam has no blue or green tints and is pure white and I like it!

Heck, I don’t care if when I go out into pure darkness and I turn on whatever light I have with me and my garden plant colors or anything else are not the correct colors or whatever, I just like to SEE things in the dark!

With 2 clicks you can access low, medium, high and of course, the silly strobe mode. The low is not as low as people like but I’m fine with 10-15 Lm’s. Sacrelidge, I know! It should be 1/2 to 1 Lm at the least! Smile

The polymer plastic body is strong and even the lanyard attachment end is thick and would not fail no matter what.

What can I say except this is an amazing, tiny and almost weightless light and even though it’s fairly expensive, it’s,…should I repeat myself? Yeah, it’s amazing!

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I have the A3.

I agree; it's amazing, though expensive.

I won mine in a giveaway.

The flashlight is very small, and very bright for its size.

I'm glad I have aluminum because that material sheds heat the best.

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Yeah, these things are great! I even bought a 2nd one in red aluminum. Too bad the metal ones don’t have the neat side reading/signal light.

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I hv the A5 and love it, this thing is so tiny yet the amount of lights it puts out is simply amazing. I would call it a feature packed light. The GITD body is a nice touch.
Just wished it had longer runtime though. Maybe the low can be like 1 lumen to extend the runtime.

Better to hv it and not need it than to need it and not hv it.

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I have the A5 with the UV light. It’s an impressive light that falls short on a few things. To make this thing perfect I would do the following:

-Neutral white option
-Lower low mode (or addition of an additional firefly mode)
-Better UV emitter. I’m not sure if it’s due to being enclosed in a glow in the dark material but there is a lot of visible light from it and the UV portion seems to be either on the weak side or is just overwhelmed by the visible light.

Overall it’s an amazing little light that has earned a permanent place on my keychain. I have no complaints about runtimes, something this small is bound to have a short runtime. I have no complaints about durability, this sucker has already been through the wash and dropped on concrete and survived without any visible damage. I will definitely buy the next version if they address some of these concerns.

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I have one of these lights as well and have been everyday carrying it in place of the Nitecore Tini. Overall, I really like this light. The lumens are incredible, the side LEDs are very useful and the luminous body really makes this light stand out. I agree that the runtime could be better, and perhaps a few more options for lower lumen modes might help with this. The side LEDs do run for upwards of 20h which is pretty good.