Review: Acebeam H30

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Review: Acebeam H30

Acebeam always was on the side of those, who want more and more, offering them them most bright stuff on the market and allmost most possible throw without loosing real usability. And this time they did it with brightest headlamp ever – 4000lumens.

So, here is review of Acebeam H30 with lots of pics
headlamp page here


  • LED: 1 x Cree XHP70.2 LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours 1 x CREE XPE2-R2 630nm Red light 1 x CREE XPE2-G3 530nm Green light
    Max 4000 lumens powered by included 1× 21700 battery (IMR21700NP-510A)
    Color temperature: 5000K & 6500K for option
    Red and Green light for nighttime illumination and alerting
    Special mode Red SOS for emergency
    Reflective headband design with high elasticity and sweat channels
    Working voltage: 3V to 8.4V
    Max beam distance: 208 m
    Peak beam intensity: 10800 cd
    Impact resistance: 1 meter
    Waterproof: IPX8
    Size:89.4mm(length)*40.8mm(head diameter)*29mm(tube diameter)
    Weight: 80g excluding battery; 151.5g including 1*21700 battery (IMR21700NP-510A); headband with silicone holder 38.8g
    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminium Type&Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.
    Automatic temperature regulation allows the light to regulate its output and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance.

all the pics below are cliackable, enjoy reading


Good design, thick cardboard – it`s ok for gift and will protect headlamp during while being shipped to your postbox.

Insides, covered within thick layer of foam rubber, there are: Acebeam H30 itself, charge cable, 21700 battery, headstrap, o-rings, manual and warranty card.
Also, package shows other choices for LEDs: you can pick NW\CW for primary XHP70.2 light, and green\ Nichia 276A 365nm UV\Nichia 219C HiCri

Acebeam decided not to make L-shaped construction. I believe that for such output it wouldn’t be a reasonable choice, as T-shaped. The last one has better weight balance and appearance.

Some things that I want to focus on before going to Acebeam H30 itself.

Charge cable is unusual, because Acebeam H30 also can work in powerbank mode

21700 battery.

*Headstrap *is good. With light-reflective prints outside it, and gel lines inside. My wife`s father said “ok” to show how Acebeam looks like when put on head, so see it alive. A want to mention that he is not big guy, proportions on the head may vary.

I had about 10 days of testing Acebeam H30, and several times I spent about 2-3 hours with it on my head. Though headlamp is almost 200g (H30+battery+headstrap) I didn’t feel like it is too heavy and inconvenient.

And lets look closer at headlamp body itself. I picked Skilhunt H03 as almost everyone knows this mode, so Acebeam is definitely shorter and definitely thicker.

Overall, I like the design. It doesn’t feel like bulky. It`s kinda man`s thing in design. Solid, feels loke tool rather than toy to play with. I suppose it would be easy to screw up with design in this case, Acebeam managed not to do this and again released well designed product.

Unusual feature – a pair of tailcaps. One is for battery compartment, another for charge port.

There are 2 springs at opposide sides, they both are quire thick.

Threads are well lubricated, and there is a Type-C charge port *at one side, covered with semitransparent plastic round with *indication LEDs under it. Blue is for powerbank mode, RED for charge process, GREEN shows that charging is completed.

Cooling ribs are deep *enough and numeral. *Knurling at tailcap ends is shallow, but they are quite wide, so I don’t feel like it would be problem to unscrew them with gloves on.

With it`s T-shape and multiple LEDs, Acebeam H30 reminds me of some face, the design concept sometimes met in cheap kids headlamps

Reflector is OP, and shallow, looks like no more then 15-20 mm deep, with XHP70.2 at the bottom, there are an additional LED by the sides.

You can easily disassemble front part of Acebeam H30, so those who like modding wouldn’t face any trouble. Soldering and build quality is good, no trash here from soldering.

That`s all about Acebeam H30 appearance. I like how it looks, and during this 10 days I haven noticed any inconvenience in carrying it on my head.


Logical, and flexible. I like.

SOQ (Square Orange Button)
1 click S– ON\OFF
2 clicks from ON – TURBO MAX
3 clicks – RED SOS Hold from OFF – UlTRALOW
RBB (Round Black Button)
Clicks – mode switching
Hold – switch between primary and side LED

(un)lock – keep SOQ for 6seconds, it`ll blink 3 times. Simple and reliable, no tricks

There is a mode memory, doesn’t support Turbo MAX and SOS

Discharge indication 3x blink each 5 seconds.
Ultra Low: 3V Low: 3V Medium: 3V
High: 3V Turbo: 3.2V Turbo max.: 3.2V
SOS: 3V Red light: 3V Green light: 3V
Cut-off for different modes
Ultra Low: 2.7V Low: 2.7V Medium: 2.7V
High: 2.7V Turbo: 2.9V Turbo max.: 2.9V
SOS: 2.7V Red light: 2.7V Green light: 2.7V


I got CW version, of course i`d pick NW, especially for review.

As Acebeam H30 is all about super-bright (for headlamp) , don’t expect that XHP70.2 would be hi-CRI. But, in normal use I don’t think you would care unless you need it for photographic purposes.

Light distribution is expectable for such combination of LED and reflector, light is diffused, with quite bright hotspot here in pic, but way not that bright when you see it alive. So, it is ok for close range need.
If you pick Nichia sidelight version, you`ll get even better light for this range and it also would be HiCRI.


i couldnt measure turbo MAX, doesnt have good testing leds.

In powerbank mode H30 performs well, keeping these 2A, but with voltage drop to about 4.9. Nothing critical, it`ll be enough to almost fully charge a lot of smartphones.

I got 2500ma, discharging cut-off is 3.2v at battery

And here is a strange situation. No matter how I tested, I dint get stated capacity, only about 4200. But I have 2 other 21700 batteries, which are Fitorch and Liitokala. 21700 Acebeam shows 100% the same runtime as 217000 Fitorch (which, tests proves, is 5000mah). And 21700 Liitoaka with it`s 4200mah has definitely shorter runtime them 21700 acebeam, though capacity seems to be the same. I have no explanation. But, as long as runtime is good – i don’t care.

And main things – stabilization and thermal regulation. Being that bright, Acebeam H30 must have decent thermal dissipation, and it has. Headlamp gets REALLY hot quickly, you will not be able to hold it in hands. But headstrap provides great isolation, and head doesn`t feel this head at all. At all.
Stabilisation is excellent, no sawteeth, line for HIGH mode is completely flat even with no cooling. And this is a bright mode!

One more suprpise.

Specs says 1.5 and 5.5 mins for Turbo MAX and Turbo. No matter how I testes – I got 3 and about 18-20 with no cooling and 4 and no stepdown at all with fan cooling. Great. I`m seriously surprised.
Normally, when numbers are different with specs, it`s against user, not for his benefit.

These 3 minutes for Turbo MAX is way enough to see everything around.
As I mentioned before, with other batteries situation was the same.

And the most interesting part, alive performance. Of course, with reflector that shallow, you shouldn’t expect much throw. But, as Acebeam H30 is BRIGHT headlamp, you can rely on seeing everything within range of, i`d say, like 100 meters. May be that is not big distance, but you have to understand, that within this range you`ll see not just 10m diameter hotspot , but everything around, all the area will be brightly illuminated. As I don’t know any need that requires throw from headlamp, in this case sidelight is way more important, this 100m range is definitely good. And , again, sidelight here is damn good.

*RED and GREEN *are bright, good for like 7-10 range, even more indoor (see pics at parking lot). I suppose that too bright to have only one level. I believe that 5+50 modes would be much more convenient. For night vision turning 50lums is not ok, even for RED light.

And primary light

10-15m range is nothing for this headlamp, Acebeam H30 is excessive here. But with such capacity, you get night-long illumination in quite bright MID mode (not to mention day-long LOW)

About 50 meters

I have to notice, that though Skilhunt H03 looks quite good here, you have to keep in mind it`s quck stepdown, so you will not see this bright light in real use, unlike situation with Acebeam H30, which`ll keep the same brightness as maximum for Skihunt H03 without any stepdown at all.

From 14th floor.

and full review. i`m bying good lense, so, in future, there will be more video examples included in videoreviews. sunbscribe, guys, not to miss new things, i got bunch of them.


I believe that as superbright headlamp, this one is almost perfect.

The most (and the only) functional disappointment here is too bright ultralow which is 3lums instead of like 0.5 and huge gap between this ULTRALOW and 120lumens LOW.
If you pick Nichia as sidelight, with it`s 50lums, that may fix situation, you get this intermediate brightness, Hi-CRI and so convenient for close-range needs. But with UV or GREEN side LED you have this gap…Well, that`s all negative I can say about functionality.

I like the rest:

+ desigh
+ build quality and construction
+ brightness
+ UI
+ stabilization and thermal regulation
+ Type-C quick charge and powerbank feature.
+ a wide choice of primary and additional LEDs

- ultralow-low GAP
- ultralow 3 lum is too bright. I`d pick 0.5
- i`d also pick 2 brightness level for side LEDs

"How to choose flashlight, Main things in simple words":

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Very detailed and informative review, well done! I especially appreciate the photos of the internals, to help me decide if I should buy this with the intention of modding it. I think yes…

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Very impressive review! I enjoyed it alot and I think it will serve useful in the future for those researching this light. You convinced me that I should get this but I’ll probably wait for a sale if they ever have one because I already have a bunch of headlamps. The one I use the most is the Acebeam H15 with a DC-Fix on because that is the floodiest headlamp ever and I use it for picture taking. I just wish there’s a HI CRI version for the H30 but I can probably swap one in in the future.

Regarding Acebeam battery capacity, Vinh ( tested it at 4,664mah. Seems really good and it’s the only protected 21700 on the market, which I think is good added safety for a headlamp.

Edit: I just purchased one on with their 30% off Black Friday coupon. Btw, I measured three Acebeam 21700 protected cells myself and got: 4,992mah, 4,922mah, 5,008mah. Good stuff.

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thanx, suppose that i have to solder wires to charger as well.

"How to choose flashlight, Main things in simple words":

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Killer review!!! I have been looking for a new headlamp for caving this one looks like it will be it. The side Nichia light is something new (i think never seen it yet) I wonder the lumen output on it.

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Great review, very informative.

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What screwdriver to unscrew the screws? I use torx 8 and it was a little too big and torx 6 too small.
I need to buy new screws.

I exchanged xhp70 for 4000K CRI 90 + red on samsung 5000K CRI90

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Scenic wrote:
What screwdriver to unscrew the screws? I use torx 8 and it was a little too big and torx 6 too small.
I need to buy new screws.

I exchanged xhp70 for 4000K CRI 90 + red on samsung 5000K CRI90

i dont remember, it was quite lot time ago. and i sold this headlamp soon after

"How to choose flashlight, Main things in simple words":

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Scenic wrote:
What screwdriver to unscrew the screws? I use torx 8 and it was a little too big and torx 6 too small.
I need to buy new screws.

I exchanged xhp70 for 4000K CRI 90 + red on samsung 5000K CRI90

I used torx T6, from xiaomi wiha set, it works well. Is there any complications with changing color leds?