Another Novatac crazy:-)

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Another Novatac crazy:-)

I wanted to introduce you to my Novatac flashlights, at the moment I have three models: one EDC 120P, one SPL-120 and one 120T. The latter two were just at CRX in Scotland to modify them a bit. A thank you to Jon_Slider who infected me with the Novatac virus and to whom I thank two of the flashlights and a really big thank you to CRX for these sensational modifications! Thumbs Up

But first to the EDC 120P, it is powered by a 16340 battery and as already mentioned it has another tailcap and I polished the stainless steel bezel . I also use a 17670 battery tube from time to time with the 120P to extend the battery life of the Novatac. Otherwise nothing was changed at this Novatac and it is programmable already like all 120P models ex works.

Next was my Novatac SPL-120, which was also made programmable with the “250 clicks back door”. It got from me a polished Novatac clip and a new titanium bezel and CRX improved it even more:-) I wanted a bit more power, more run time and a more pleasant light color, the wizard CRX did it all perfect Thumbs Up
The SPL-120 was upgraded to 18350 batteries, which he managed with a brass rail that replaced the usual signal spring. If you haven’t had a Novatac yet, the Novas have a push button and no switch as usual, so the signal from the push button has to be forwarded to the driver. This happens with each Novatac with a large spring in the battery tube and in this spring also the battery sits. Because this spring around the battery is now gone, an 18350 battery of the diameter fits into it, simply ingenious!

Furthermore a new LED was installed, a Nichia 219C 4000K 90+ CRI, the original and for me simply ingenious Novatac driver was kept. This results in the following values:

Before the conversion:
Stock SPL-120 SSC P4 emitter:
Low – 14lm
Med – 46lm
High – 96lm

After the reconstruction:
Modded SPL-120 Nichia 219C 4000K 90+ CRI:
Low – 29lm
Med – 110lm
High – 435lm

Here you can find more pictures of the conversion:

And now to the 120T, with this Novatac CRX was allowed to let off steam;) It runs after the conversion also with an 18350er battery, in addition came a Triple LED Nichia 219C D320 5000K on 20mm MTN DTP MCPCB, a Dr Jones H17Fx driver and now a switch had to be built in the tailcap to replace the pushbutton. Furthermore the 120T got a clip and a new titanium bezel. Of course there is also a rebuild report from CRX:

With the 120T, however, the before and after values have increased considerably.

Before the conversion:
Stock Light:
Low – 40lm
High – 122lm

After the conversion with the ingenious H17Fx driver:
Mode 1 – M/L – Level 2 – 0.1% – 3mA
Mode 2 – 35lm – Level 12 – 3.0% – 95mA
Mode 3 – 260lm – Level 18 – 25% – 760mA
Mode 4 – 1010lm – Level 22 – 100% (8×7135) – 3040mA
Double Tap Mode – 2300lm – (Level 24)

I hope you enjoyed my short overview a bit and maybe there is one or the other who would like to present his Novatac also here. It would be very interesting to see other Novas here as well, so dare you Smile

Thanks for reading! Smile

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Verry verry nice. Are you going to keep one stock or do you have more plans?

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So my 120P stays absolutely as it is because I am completely satisfied with it as it is Thumbs Up

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Awesome stuff coppet Love Amazing work by CRX as always Cool

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Novatac+H17F+Triple+CRX= AWESOME

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Sweeeeet Cool

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Thumbs Up
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what a tremendous group of lights!
thanks for the photos, and all the lumens and LED specs, and the very complete links to CRX’s additional photos


I look forward to more impressions about the H17fx driver

that Triple Beryl Nova is a Beautiful Beast!

a couple of your lights look vaguely familiar:

but yours have much nicer bezels.. Wink

the HDS B42 tail looks great on your 120P

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Cool not-Chinese-looking lights.
Must be expensive.