Which production light still comes with Nichia 219b?

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Which production light still comes with Nichia 219b?

Hi, I am aware the beloved Nichia 219b emitter is out of production now.
Are there any lights that are still in stock and use this emitter?

Preferably AA, but suggestions for other batteries are welcome, too.


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Astrolux A01 but it's AAA

I like the tint and rounded shape that make it comfortable in pocket even if it's not the smallest AAA but the UI is ennoying Lo, Mid, HI and strobe but with the "fast turn off-on" coupled with some contact bounce it's not always easy to select the right mode

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I think Jaxman has the E3 with a 4000K 219B. I also think Eagletac has a D25LC2 that uses the 219B as well. I think that is a 18650 light though.

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