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Lonelydad wrote:
So, I am lead to assume that EBL and Vapcell are reputable brands?

Vapcells are generally Highly Regarded.

I’ve got EBL 14500s and use them in pretty much anything that can take ‘em.

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SKV89 wrote:
Flat tops may not work in the GT Micro. Please see my tests.

Same experience here, I tested several different flat-tops. Some work, some may not.

The GT Micro uses a nipple on the positive side, so some flat-tops that are just “slightly raised” will make contact. But some really flat flat-top 14500’s may not make contact, using a small button magnet will workaround this issue.

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Been trying to contact Lumintop for an RMA on this light so I can send it to them to get it replaced or repaired. No response from them at all. I bought this light on Amazon through Sino Trading Co, LTD. Had a bad switch right out of the gate. Inconsistent, sometimes requiring multiple clicks to turn off. Sometimes reverts to low beam all by itself. I was pretty bummed about it cause I loved the light but the switch had me pulling my hair out. Contacted Sino about it and at first they tried to downplay anything was wrong and then told me I had to pay to ship it back to China and then only IF they received it, I would get a refund. Was nervous about shipping it back to China and paying more money so didn’t do it. Figured I would try to deal straight with Lumintop but so far my complaints are falling on deaf ears. Does Lumintop even give a shit or do I just chalk this off to a bad day?

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All my orders from China since January are still pending to being shipped, when usually it takes days, that being from BG, AE, AMZ, etc.. So, I'd say, just bad timing..

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Mine also , still say`s 11 days to process . , BUT my K1 came in 8 days only …. thanks Hank !

Now all order are at 18 Days to shipment , just have to wait

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The micro throws very close to the mini

t ouellette